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My wife and I started traveling about 10 years ago and the photography bug hit me. "Capture everything! You never know if you're coming back" That was my thought at one time. My thoughts have changed a bit since then.
I always had an interest in photography but many factors limited my ability to pursue my interest. My first camera was a Kodak 110 (Google it if you don't know it).
Now, I am a part time photographer shooting mainly product photos for my wife's wedding floral business. The occasional wedding shoot helps me stay up on photography training and education (have to keep the brides happy). I shoot mainly for fun and decoration of our home with occasional wedding, product and portrait shots for a little extra money.
I am trying to escape the Insta-thing and I absolutely detest the Facebully.
Anyway, I hope to find a happy home here to share and get honest opinions about my photography.


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Camera Gear

  • Nikon D7000 / D750. Nikon, Tamron & Sigma Lenses
  • Olympus PEN PL-2
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