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My photography interest started at the age of 10 taking pictures of my parents in old yashika film camera. Later when i was 18 my dad bought me a small digital Nikon coolpix. I started exploring my mind and imagination. Somehow while traveling i lost the camera and i was only left with my Samsung mobile but no matter i still enjoyed with the device and manage to hold an exhibition on "Bengal Renaissance" in my hometown Kolkata,India. After few months due to some hard disk problem i lost all my 10 years photographs which i took on the street. I thought of giving up.I have lived in 3 countries so far India,New Zealand and Russia. I have many stories while on the Road. I have a degree in management but never liked it.On 2015 my brother who is also a part time commercial photographer thrown some light on Photography and gifted a Sony alpha series camera with lens 50mm /18-55mm lens. Which i used for 1 year and i bought a full frame second hand Canon 5dmarkii along with a manual Pentax 50mm 1.5. I love taking portraits,landscape,street documentary,dreams,confusion and so on. Recently i started my own wedding photography business along with my brother and friends. Thank you for your time.


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Camera Gear

  • Canon 5D Markii / Canon 6D / Leica VLUX / Zenith 3m
  • Lens - Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 /Canon 16-35 f4 /Canon 50mm 1.4 /Canon 85m 1.8/Canon 40mm
  • Pentax 50mm1.4/Helios 85mm 1.5/Zenith 58mm
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