We Got Our Noses Pierced! And My 1st Soccer Game In Spain!

by Amanda Munsch September. 09, 2009 929 views

I would have to say this has been a very productive day. After school four of my friends and I went to a tattoo parlor; 3 of us had our noses pierced and one got some part of her ear pierced that looked really painful. Well, we figured we had never gotten any piercings in Spain so we would give it a try. Definitely a good experience!

Second, today I went to the soccer complex that I thought I was supposed to be at tonight to meet a girls team I am going to play with. As it turns out, the girls team plays tomorrow night but it actually worked out for the better because a guys team was short a player and asked me to play. They asked me to play from now on so now I am on a guys team with tall, dark, and handsome Spaniards… it's a hard life. Maybe next week at our game I will have my roomie take pictures to post for you all!!

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