New Camera! And Trip to Lagos, Portugal :)

by Amanda Munsch September. 20, 2009 578 views

Sorry I haven't written for so long, it felt strange to write without any pictures. I have to mention because they sent me a new camera from the U.S. in 2 days! So, thank them for these pictures, I took more pictures in Portugal this weekend than I have in my whole 3 weeks in Sevilla.

Portugal was amazing to say the very least. Naomi and I were contemplating if we should even go at first and now we are so glad that we did. We were hung up over whether or not to go because we figured Portugal would be so similar to Spain and since it has never been at the top of our lists of countries we want to visit we almost missed the best trip of our lives!

The first day we were in Portugal we knew we were going to have an amazing time. Our hotel was next to cliffs overlooking the ocean. Steps were cut into the cliff with a beach at the bottom. The sand was so soft and the water so clear, I felt like I was in the Carribbean. On Saturday we went for a sailboat cruise with unlimited free Sangria! We were taken down the coast to caves in the cliffs. We had a smaller boat that took us in small groups through the caves (see pictures). We even were able to swim in the ocean for awhile as we waited for groups to come back from touring the caves. Saturday night we went to see the “end of the world” at sunset. This was where the whole western world at one point thought the world came to an end. They thought the world only went as far as the eye could see from there. The view was spectacular up there on top of the cliffs! Sunday we had the day free to explore or to go to another beach. Naomi and I decided to shop a little and then we went to our beach and headed to the water to do our own exploring. We swam for an hour and a half out into the open water to explore ocean caves and to climb huge rocks that came above the water. We climbed up two different rocks and jumped off their cliffs into the ocean. It was an experience I will never forget. Sorry mom and dad if you're reading this… At least I'm a good swimmer!

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Ian 7 years, 10 months ago

Nice set, I really like #'s 3 & 4

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