My 1st 10K Race!

by Amanda Munsch September. 26, 2009 751 views

Yesterday I walked into school and was greeted by my principal who was excitedly waving around a piece of paper with numbers on it that I recognized immediately as the thing runners or bikers wear when they race. It took me all of about a second to realize that this paper was for me and that the culprit was my roommate who signed me up without my permission. Of course I begrudgingly took the paper and walked immediately to Naomi's classroom and I yelled at her in as much Spanish as I know. I said such things as “que es esto?” or “what is this?” and “tu eres muerto a mi” which may or may not be grammatically correct but more or less means “you are dead to me.” Still, I decided to go for the experience and see how it went. By the way, I am also signed up for a 5K race in the future, thanks to the roommate I no longer acknowledge exists… Just kidding, we actually had a great time. We thought we might cross the finish line crawling but we actually kept our pace the entire time and finished without stopping to walk. There were 15,000 other runners and it was so much fun. People were dressed up, guys mostly dressed like girls, and so many people were singing and chanting. There were people all around us as far as the eye could see and it felt like a stampede or something. 10K is a little over 6.2 miles and we ran it in 1:05 so we ran about a 10.5 minute mile. We're going to try to do a little better for the 5K but we were pretty happy just to finish our first 10K with the shape we're in right now. The plan is to run a little more before the next race too…

I'm not sure if I wrote this before about my trip to Portugal but my nose ring was pulled out when Naomi and I were climbing the cliffs and jumping into the ocean. I went to the town and bought a cheap replacement that I wore this week until I realized my nose was irritated by the metal. Long story short, today I basically had my nose repierced by our friend at the tattoo parlor and it hurt about 10 times more than it had the first time. For a good 5 minutes I had a gigantic needle in and out of my nose trying to fix the messed up piercing. Never again will I put a cheap nose ring in my nose. Not fun!

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