Toledo, Spain! and unfortunately a broken camera :(

by Amanda Munsch October. 17, 2009 704 views

I just got back from a couple days in Toledo, Spain where I was pleasantly surprised to find a city so unlike Sevilla and the rest of the cities I have visited in southern Spain. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it here in the south but it was literally a breath of fresh air to go to Toledo where the weather was drastically different. Toledo is very close to Madrid and is about a 6 hour bus ride north from Sevilla so it is much colder and we were able to experience a little of fall. It was about 65 or 70 degree weather in Toledo opposed to our 85 or 90 degree weather here in Sevilla. We actually put on sweatshirts for the first time! Still, I'm not complaining to be back. We've got another solid 80 something degree week and like the past almost 2 months, there's only sun in the forecast. :-) When we approached Toledo we knew that it was going to be much different from Sevilla in more ways than just the weather. The city is surrounded by a fort that makes you think you've stepped into a fairy tale or into Lord of the Rings. There are great stone bridges, walls, and entry ways that surround this beautiful old city and the rolling hills end in giant rocky cliffs that make everything you see seem unreal. I simply fell in love with Toledo and I would go back in a heart beat. Between the cathedral, the art museums, the little shops and pubs, the cobblestone streets, and the beautiful scenery surrounding the city, I can't think of a better place to visit if you're in Spain!

DOWNSIDE: My camera slipped out of my hand and is now broken. What luck I am having with cameras! I don't know how I will afford to fix it this time and I certainly can't replace it so I'm not sure if there will be more entries or not :( We'll see!

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