by Amanda Munsch October. 27, 2009 872 views

Morocco was amazing! Three of my friends and I took a bus to the south of Spain and then a ferry across the straight of Gibraltar into Morocco. We rode camels, walked through Moroccan markets where we bought spices and jewelry, ate couscous in authentic Moroccan restaurants, and traveled through the mountains and countryside to three different villages. We had a great time!

These are a few photos courtesy of my friends who came to Morocco with me and who had working cameras. I took mine to the only camera repair shop in the city and they gave me a $150 estimate to fix it. Because of this I will not be fixing it, I will probably buy throw away cameras. This weekend I am leaving to backpack through Italy with 3 friends, the following weekend I will be in Paris, and then a couple weeks later I will be in Wickow County, Ireland. Hopefully I can steal more pictures to post on here :-) Adios!

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