This ship has sailed...or not?

by Jack Mathews August. 22, 2019 575 views

Back in 1979 a decommissioned sea link car ferry made it's way into the dry dock in Llanerch-y-Mor, North Wales with the promise of being transformed into a luxury retail park but 40 years later the TSS Duke of Lancaster has seen better days.

Constructed in 1956 by Harland & Wolff (known for the Titantic) the vessel was designed as a passenger ferry between Heysham and Belfast and was actually a replacement for a ship under the same name. With the popularity of car ferries on the rise British Railways took the decision to convert the ship and in 1970 the Duke returned to the seas with the ability to accommodate 1200 passengers and 105 cars.

In 1975 the Heysham-Belfast service was withdrawn so the duke was employed on the Fishguard-Rossclare crossing and was later moved onto the Holyhead-Dun- Laghaire service until 1978.

Recently repainted ready for it's new venture as a zombie ship

Recently repainted ready for it's new venture as a zombie ship

Berthed in 1979 the new owners of the Duke suffered much hardship from the council who argued the vessel was unfit for purpose due to concerns with emergency services access. Unfortunately after a number of legal battles with the council the new owners abandoned their idea of the "funship".

As of 2019 the TSS Duke of Lancaster is being transformed into a new Zombie ship! Certainly an interesting venture but I think any use is better than letting the ship deteriorate any further.

If you would like to read into the fascinating history of this odd landmark you can do so by following the link below!

Thanks for reading! :)

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Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Kool shots!grinning participation, here on PB, will be very spotty, at best, from now through September, due to long a road trip, with little or no computer time.... I'll chime in, when I can....

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Jack Mathews Replied to Jay Boggess 1 year ago

Thanks Jay! Hope you enjoy your trip, I will look forward to seeing some of your pics!

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Jay Boggess Replied to Jack Mathews 1 year ago

Thanks, Jack!


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Shaun Taylor 1 year ago

Interesting story hope she does find a new use and isn't just left to rot

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Jack Mathews Replied to Shaun Taylor 1 year ago

Thanks Shaun, me too!

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Katharine Mathews 1 year, 1 month ago

A brilliant read. Hope it does get used, for like you, I feel its a total waste just sat there doing nothing.

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