Day 21-Dinosaurs and Typewriters

by Amoeba January. 04, 2008 2495 views

This was my last full-day of this trip before I had to fly home the next day and then start work the day after that. So there was still some time to visit the dinos and also catch up with some friends in the evening. But, no stop in To would be complete without a trip to 401 Richmond, the remains of a former tin factory, now a commercial building with businesses, studios and a beautiful rooftop garden. It was a shame, but the roof wasn’t open on the day I went, most likely b/c it was still so cold out…but it had warmed up enough that I didn’t have to wear all 6 layers of clothing!

Then I spent some time walking along Spadina in Chinatown and watching as people set up their produce on the sidewalk. Everyone else was just rushing off to work as I slowly made my way to Baldwin Village, hoping that one of the best Chinese pastry shops ever was open. When it’s open, it’s normally packed…but the egg tarts hot out of the oven and deep fried sesame balls are the best I’ve ever had! But it was not to be! The owners were on vacation and the only breathing critter was a cat that paid no attention to me as I pressed my nose against the window, hoping someone would open the door and give me an egg tart…

After this futile effort, it was off to the newly renovated ROM with the much talked about Michael Lee-Chin Crystal that juts out onto Bloor St. Personally, I think it’s kinda hideous on the outside, but the inside offers many photo opportunities. But I was really here for the dino exhibit that had finally re-opened at the ROM. When I was living in To, renovations were still ongoing and I never had an opportunity to see this collection…so I was incredibly excited about this. Apparently so were the hoards of children, still on vacation, as the line-up to get in at 10 in the morning went around the block.

Inside, it was just a madhouse…there were constant screams of “Dinosaurs!!! I want a T-rex…a REAL one. Yeaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Just awesome! One of the reasons I love the ROM so much is that there is the sheer amount of stuff to see…you could spend a day in here and not see half of what you expected…plus being able to take photos inside was priceless. Well, in most spots you were allowed to take photos…got totally busted in one gallery trying to take a photo of one of my favourite pieces by Brian Jungen – a giant whale skeleton made out of plastic chairs. Darn it should have used my camera phone!

So what’s the common link between dinos and vintage typewriters? None that readily come to mind other than the fact that I love both and there were concurrent exhibits at the ROM. This was one of the best dino exhibits that I’ve ever been to…the number of fossils, information and children was just really overwhelming at times. But for anyone with even an inkling of interest in these creatures, this is an absolute must.

I had not idea that there would be vintage typewriters here and this was from one individual’s collection. Pretty darn impressive collection and I would not have minded one or two of these for myself. Absolutely beautiful pieces!

Having spent a good part of my day at the ROM, it was time to meet up with a friend for snacks, drinks, more food and lots of catching up. Of course it just always goes way too fast and before I knew it, the day was drawing to a very quick close. I still had the next morning to head to the St Lawrence Market and then off to the airport again. So I am almost done with my blogs from this trip and I can focus on more current photos…YAY!!! So stay tuned for the final instalment…

401 Richmond

Hello kitty…

Waiting to get inside the ROM

Black Star Sapphire of Queensland - I should consider getting my eyes checked…there were pretty clear directions on how to get to this exhibit. Like the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, the hoards gathered around an exhibit and chattering excitedly should have tipped me off, but it didn't. I walked right past this, around the entire floor's exhibit, walked onto another floor, consulted my map, came back to this floor and finally found it. What a beauty…

Teeny tiny dino…

Well "Hello there…"

My, what big teeth you have!

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amazing shots

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Cool set..

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