VFW Backstage

by Amoeba November. 29, 2008 3727 views

Being backstage was the best part of this whole experience at VFW-aside from inhaling hairspray for a couple of hours.

By far the most interesting part of a fashion show (for me anyways) as the models are being dressed, having their make-up done and there is just a constant hum of activity.

It was also much easier to photograph as well, as I could roam aimlessly and also stop to watch and chat with people.

The “backstage” was actually across the street at Chapel Arts, a very interesting little arts venue. It's a really beautiful space and I had only ever been in here for gallery showings. So it was lovely to have been able to photograph in this space. Take a boo at their website:

http://chapelarts.com [chapelarts.com]

Alright, enough nattering from me…Hope you enjoy this post!

Copyright stuff - Please do not copy or reproduce any of these images without written permission from myself and RnU Styles. Thanks!

Thankfully the hair styling room was separate from the main room-think there's only so much hairspray I can inhale in one go.

The make-up table

Everyone is just hanging around waiting

Getting some instructions…

This looked like a pretty intense conversation…


Almost time to hit the catwalk…

Final touch-up…

Last minute instructions for the models - walking slower and where to pause at the end of the catwalk for the photogs.

This was the last day of VFW and the common complaints from photogs from previous days were that the models walked way too fast and did not stop long enough at the end of the catwalk. When the show finally started, a few models were still walking too fast and some photogs started yelling for them to slow down.

Coming up…RnU Styles' Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

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