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by Amoeba November. 30, 2008 3671 views

Having spent most of my time backstage which was soooo much more fun and entertaining, I got my arse across the street to the venue literally minutes before start time.

Security pointed me to the teeny tiny space where photogs and cameramen were already assembled at the end of the catwalk.

Rats! This was going to be interesting for the newbie (me) to find a spot in that crowd…boo. I managed to plant myself a few smidges off centre to the left of the catwalk (front row to boot!) and settled in when the hosts started introducing the line-up for the evening. R&U Styles would not be on stage for a little, so that bought me a bit of time for some much needed practice!

For the most part, the models had slowed down their walk, and stopped at the end of the catwalk to pose long enough for the photogs. Some weren't so good with this. As a result, there was some yelling and lots of audible frustrated/disappointed sighs that you would have had to be certified as deaf not to hear.

One photog may have made a few too many trips to the wine sampling station at the bar behind all of us. He started hollerin' at the models. Umm…yeah…professionalism anyone?

R&U Styles finally came on after Alpha - Ursus and Pacificthorn. The line currently contains limited addition T's and embroidered hoodies. With the exception of one model that walked way, way, way too fast, I was able to capture the entire collection.

After this, it was a much needed drink at the bar with my friend Gerry, who was there to keep me sane. So there you have it, my very brief excursion into fashion photography.

A few lessons from this:

*Go early and mark off a spot at the end of the catwalk
*Get a Nikon 70-200, f2.8 lens (Ummm…Dear Family & Friends: my birthday is coming up and this is on my wish list. Please consider contributing to my cause or better yet, just buy the lens for me:) )
*Save time for drinks after the show!

Hope that this was a enjoyable series of posts. Cheerio, J;[

Alright-the usual jazz about copyright…remember, unauthorized use of these photos is bad, bad, bad! Please do not copy or reproduce any of these images without written permission from myself and RnU Styles. Danke.

By far, the most charismatic model of the entire evening!

Kinda cheeky:P

Reuben leading the way onto the catwalk at the end of the show

(L-R) Reuben, Umberto and Levi

My other favourite model of the evening

The guys getting interviewed after the show…

One last photo op…

My composition of RnU Styles' launch at VFW. Please enlarge to view

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