Dec 7-Sunny London

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(I have just a couple of thoughts, in light of the recent changes to the Photoblog site. Since only a limited number of images can be posted, I am creating composites of photos from my recent travels. Lots of great things about doing it this way b/c it allows me to combine more than 30 images into one if I choose to do so, as well as allowing a lot of creativity to move photos around. One downside is that I will not be able to write my comments for each individual photo, but I hope I can compensate for this in my usual ramblings. I hope that Photoblog can continue on as it is a fabulous site that has provided so much growth and creativity as I continue to learn about photography. So without further adieu, my journey began in London…)

London is a beautiful city to fly into on a sunny day. The gentleman that was sitting next to me lives in London and he was pointing out much of the city as we circled over the city on our way to LHR. Unlike last year, I had an uneventful flight and a very nice person to chat with on my journey across The Pond.

I was looking forward to my few days in London, as it is fast becoming a favourite city-mostly for the fact that so much of it is walkable and there are many great museums. The South Bank Walk and Greenwich were at the top of my list, as well as unhurried visits to the Tate Modern and the British Museum.

This time around, I was staying right across the street from the British Museum and the location was perfect for everything I had in mind. First, it was mindless trudging in circles trying to find my hostel. I decided it was a bright idea to walk in the opposite direction of the sign for the British Museum, even though I knew my hostel was in the vicinity. Why? I blame it on 2 hours of sleep on a 9 hour flight…otherwise just sheer idiocy on my part.

Having dropped off my bags, I was out the door to do a bit of exploring while there was still light and also in search of some food. So in all honesty, it was a stop at the supermarket first. The rough route of my meandering took me along: High Holborn, Chancery Lane, Fleet Street, down some small street to Victoria Embankment along the Thames, across the Millennium Bridge, South Bank Walk, across the Hungerford footbridge (AKA Golden Jubilee Bridge), Northumberland past Trafalgar Square, along St Martin’s Lane and back to the hostel on Montague.

That was quite the walk and it was fantastic as I stopped at many places along the way and found time to have fish & chips and a beer at a pub. At this point, I was pretty tuckered and it was time to turn in for the night. Next day would be a stop to see the World Press Photo Exhibit at Royal Festival Hall, a highly anticipated visit to the Tate Modern, as well as dinner with an old friend to catch up on life.

(From L to R, top to bottom) High Holborn; King’s College Library on Chancery Lane; Fire Panel; Fleet Street-this was a personal favourite of mine, as all the British press used to be based in this area; Royal Courts of Justice; Twinings Tea-too bad it was closed; a side street on my way down to the river; the London Eye during sunset

(From L to R, top to bottom) Millennium Bridge; Trees outside the Tate Modern; Leather bound journals for sale on the South Bank Walk; Buskers-the last guy on the far right was beating the small case with an empty Coke bottle…incredibly innovative method of creating noise/music, depending on your point of view; Really pretty blue lights on the South Bank Walk; South Bank Book Market and individuals shopping for books

(From L to R) Skateboarder; Mrs Claus’ Gingerbread Kitchen smelled absolutely divine, too bad I was stuffed to the gills with fish and chips; Candy for sale; My new favourite bridge in London-the Hungerford footbridge, I ended up walking over this everyday I was in London and loved the way it looked especially at night

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