Dec 9-The Sandwich Man

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First stop in the morning was the British Museum on my last full day in London. This time around, I wasn’t queuing for a special exhibit and I was looking forward to everything else in the musuem. Unlike last year, I was also able to locate the Rosetta Stone without any problems. As a recap of last year, I had walked through an entire wing, circled back a few times before I realized what the hordes were ogling at.

With so much to see, I ended up taking more than 3 hours to meander my way through the museum just looking and not even reading the little plaques for most items, as that would have even taken more time. My favourites: the Ancient Egypt room; being able to touch currency from all over the world and different periods in time (shells, cloth, coins, bills, etc); the reconstructed headdress of a Sumerian woman, as well as an exquisite gold diadem.

After the British Museum, I had envisioned going to the Photographer’s Gallery. When I actually made it there, there was a sign indicating that it was a 10 minute walk to the new site, close to Oxford. Off I went, meandering my way through Chinatown and finally onto Oxford. I didn’t have a clue where I was going. I was relying on my faulty memory to get me there…I have to say most times it works, but it was not to be this time around. I walked a few blocks on Oxford, balked at wading through the sea of shoppers, turned around and went the other way. Don’t like crowds.

Instead I made my way to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize Exhibition. Some odd photography here, but I really liked Bag by Hendrik Kerstens. At first, I thought it was an interesting cap the girl was wearing, until I realized it was a plastic bag! ( []

After warming up enough inside, it was right back outside into the cold. I made my way back to the Thames and enjoyed one last walk on the South Bank, until I return again. After crossing the Millennium Bridge, I was on the hunt for a pub called the Black Friar that looked interesting from my pocket guide. Horror of all horrors (well not really…) I found a sandwich board listing the day’s specials but could not for the life of me find the pub entrance. I have absolutely no clue how this happened…may be next time I will have better luck: (

So instead, I meandered along Holborn and ended up at the White Hart for one last evening of pub fare and beer. I admit that I enjoyed London much more this time around b/c I was not driving myself crazy trying to see everything like last year. Instead, I just focussed on the museums/places that really interested me and spent my time taking in a fewer things and having better memories of them. I am very much looking forward to a return trip to London, whenever that happens to be!

Next morning, it was off to sunny (and hopefully warmer) pastures in Valencia!

(L to R) I just loved the shade of blue on this car; British Museum entrance reflected in a puddle; The Great Court; Dragon tiles from the Ming Dynasty (15th-16th Century); Rock Number 59, 2005-6 by Zhan Wang

(L to R) Rosetta Stone; Statue in the Ancient Egypt wing; I believe this was in one of the Assyrian rooms;-the detail is phenomenal; Mummy of a young man, Roman Period after 30 BC (so it says from the plaque); Buddha; Reconstructed headdress of a Sumerian woman; Ram in a Thicket

(L to R) Gold diadem with Eros, Italy 250-200 BC; Old fashioned cash register; Looking down at the Great Court; “Arrghh!!!” This little figure cracks me up; Yaxchilan lintel 17 Maya, Late Classic period (AD 600-900); Tiny carved figurines

(L to R) The Sandwich Man-I was tempted to open the little cart to see what was inside as I was pretty hungry at this point (; [] The Really Useful Group - go look this one up for yourself; Gerrard Street in Chinatown; Looking for some positive change in Trafalgar Square; “Do not feed the pigeons. They cause nuisance…” I cannot agree more; A man building a sand living room on the banks of the Thames and he even created a sand donation bin!

(L to R) My trip would not be complete without a photo of a London cab…I was lucky, I managed to photograph a white one!; I really love inverted images at the moment and this photo of a side street worked out well for this (at least I think so…); Sculpture; There it is, the door to my hostel at 27 Montague; The Montague – a swanky looking hotel just a couple of doors down from my hostel

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Awesome post, well put together.

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