Dec 16-I "heart" Lisboa

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I admit…like Berlin and NYC previously, I was completely smitten with Lisboa at first sight. My time there seemed to be far too short and I had serious thoughts of just staying. I’m currently scheming on how to get myself back there…soon.

I left BCN on a cold, rainy morning and had a slight panic attack when I got there. I could not find my flight on the flight board and had thoughts that I had gone to the wrong airport. Sometimes it helps to check these things before hand. Eventually my flight did show up on the board, much to my relief. So off I went on my way to Lisboa.

I have searched my brain many times to figure out why I have always had an intention of coming to Lisboa. I’ve never had a solid reason I don’t think. But now I have many reasons to return. I would highly recommend the Lisbon Lounge as one awesome hostel to stay at. I have heard that the newer one, the Living Lounge is even more spectacular ( [] Also some interesting reading material for a small taste of the city: []

There was little else that I did once I arrived other than walking through the cobble stone streets of the Baixa, which is the downtown area. I made frequent stops to drool over the custard tarts (Pastel de nata). I have and will forever love Portuguese custard tarts and the sight of them around every corner was a welcome sign. I don’t know when I first had one-probably when I was in Macau with my Dad as a child and would love to eat one a day. But I would have to wait a bit longer until I recovered more of my senses for tasting and smelling things. I loved stopping and watching people in the squares, chatting, shopping, having their shoes shined and just passing by. What was most interesting was that a few hours later when the shops closed and night fell; it was nearly completely and eerily quiet. Never quite been in a downtown area that was like this.

But by that time, I was already tucking into the delicious meal at the hostel. This was the best and food I had on my entire trip for 8 euros. Soup, salad, wine and dessert-everything (excluding the wine) made from scratch every night by a wicked chef. That first night, he made one of the best chocolate cakes that I have tasted in quite some time. I very nearly licked the bowl that it came in. What was fantastic was that there were about 10 people that all sat down to dinner together, including the hostel staff and there were just some interesting conversations going on. It didn’t even feel like being in a hostel and that was the best part. After this, I had to roll myself out of the kitchen and somehow make it back upstairs to my room for a nap. And that was how I fell in love with Lisboa on the first day…

Corridor of Lost Souls-I merged two images together of the corridor leading from the train to BCN airport. With the greyness outside and the lacklustre air surrounding the passengers heading into the departure terminal, this is what it felt like. Certainly made an interesting subject though. Lil, you gave me the inspiration for the title when you were looking at some of my photos from Madrid…so thank you!

(Top to Bottom, L to R) Just before backing out of the gate at BCN. (I managed to get one photo before I was told very politely that no electronic equipment could be turned on during take-off or landing. This was the first and only time I was ever told that I could not have my camera on. Oh well); Rio Tejo (the Tagus River); View of the tables for the café below the hostel; Hot roasted chestnuts for sale; I think this is a ticketing machine, but not sure (Passagem com saida de bilhete); Ginjinha or cherry liqueur; Entrance to Rossio train station; View of a restaurant under the train station platform

Ubiquitous laundry lines found on nearly every balcony

(Top to Bottom, L to R) Shoe shine station; A passer-by eying the Pastel de nata; Another patisserie with custard tarts; Looking up at the Elevador de Santa Justa; Some graffiti that I really liked; Correio, a mailbox; Looking towards Praça do Comércio; An old tram that I just did not have the time to go for a ride…definitely next time!

(Top to Bottom, L to R) A seafood restaurant; Lisbon Go Car GPS guided tours (; [] VSP-Visual Street Performance 2008. I am so mad that I missed this by two days…this would have been right up my alley. I must schedule another visit to Lisbon to coincide with this event (; [] Dancing in Praça do Comércio

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Eric J H Joyce 8 years, 9 months ago

#1 & 3 are my favs.

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