Dec 25-Leaving Europe for the now…

by Amoeba December. 25, 2008 3063 views

This was it…time certainly passed by quickly again. It was a bit sad leaving my new found friends in the morning after breakfast…I’m sure we will meet again in another time and place. A fairly uneventful day for me…just a full day of waiting and travel…from Madrid to Frankfurt then onto Toronto.

The most traumatic bit was when we hit quite a few spots of pretty bad turbulence on the flight to Toronto. It was just after dinner and the guy behind me in a thick German accent asked the flight attendant, “Where do you have the barf bags?” Uh oh…Thankfully he was able to keep his meal down. I was starting to turn pretty green as well. By the time we landed, there was thunderous applause for the captain of the plane…hysterical…

After we got through the rough stretch, I had a good chat with my seat mate from Norway who was on his way to Vancouver. Poor guy had been travelling for nearly 24 hours and looked absolutely beat. I wished him well, gave him a few great places to get some food & beer and off we went on our separate ways.

Tara and Dan picked me up at the airport, fed and watered me pretty well and I tucked myself in for a really good sleep. I was really looking forward to my time visiting friends in To…zzzzzzzzz……

Waiting in MAD for my flight to Frankfurt. Meandered around looking at the art, watching planes land and checked out the little smoking booth. What exactly is the point of that thing when you can still smell the smoke at the other end of the waiting room???

I really like this one for some reason. Massive mesh art sculpture thing…I have no idea what it is and perhaps should have noted down the title and artist

(L to R) Right before lift off at MAD; In the air over snow covered mountain ranges: And touch-down at FRA…

FRA passenger tunnel from Area A to B in Terminal 1…super cool how the lights change!

A look at my homeward bound plane and a few last glimpses of Europe for the moment…I cannot wait to come back…

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