by Amoeba February. 08, 2010 2411 views

It's always lovely to come home after my trips and this was unfortunately a short one.

So this finishes off my "Arrivals-Departures" set and it certainly brought back great memories from this trip. Like the day in Munich where a crazy guy tapped repeatedly on the glass of a coffee shop, and gestured wildly at my lunch (of course I had to choose the window seat so I could people watch).

I'm not sure if he was hungry or if he was short a few marbles. But the people sitting behind me started to giggle and even the little girl that was buzzing around the coffee shop stopped to stare at him, then at me and then started to giggle too. He tapped & gestured a few more times and then took off down the street.

It was really amusing to share a laugh in a cafe with random strangers over such a silly incident:) This is probably not a huge surprise to the people who know me well, I just seem to be a magnet for some of the strangest people on the streets.

Anyhoo, that's it for this trip…Lots of stuff to photograph over the next few weeks and I'm really looking forward to being behind the lens again, rather than in front of the computer editing.

Then a really fab trip coming up in a few months…can't wait to pack my cameras and bags again soon!

Cheerio for now:)

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