Forbidden City (Gùgōng)

by Amoeba June. 12, 2010 3323 views

If you're going to add anything to your list of “musts” during your life travels, the Forbidden City [] should most definitely be on it.

Even with the hordes of people, this is a truly amazingly fabulous place to visit. I just hope that I will be fortunate enough to return for a longer stay.

There wasn't nearly enough time to photograph here and I could easily have spent days just wandering aimlessly into every nook & cranny. Next time…

Ginormous cauldrons that were used to store water and used for fighting fires, should any happen to break out in the palace.

These are really seriously huge!

The Hall of Supreme Harmony with the Large Stone Carving

Large Stone Carving

It is the largest stone carving in the palace, 16.75 meters long, 3.07 meters wide, and 1.7 meters thick, and weighs more than 200 tons, hence the name Large Stone Carving. It was carved out a huge natural stone in the early Ming Dynasty, when the three main halls were constructed. In 1761 (the 26th year for the Qianlong reign period of the Qing Dynasty), the old patterns on the stone were hewn away, and the new patterns were carved. With beautiful interlocking lotus patterns all around, the huge stone carving has curling waves at the bottom and nine dragons amidst clouds in the middle, as the dragon is an imperial signal. The stone was quarried from Dashiwo in Fangshan in the western suburbs of Beijing. It was transported to the Palace Museum by sprinkling water on the way in winter to make an iced road. It was pulled all the way to the Palace Museum along the iced road.

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Claire 10 years ago

a so beautiful place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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