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by Amoeba June. 23, 2010 3164 views

At this point, I only had a few days in Hong Kong before heading home and I was definitely starting to get a bit tuckered. I think that when I start to miss home and my regular routines, I’ve had an amazing trip & it’s time to go home. Hong Kong has always been a bit of a curiosity for me. As a child, I was dragged around to see relatives and I hated the crowds & the heat. And I just wanted to know how I would feel as an adult in this city, on my own. The heat & the crowds still got to me, but this time around I could go and do the things I wanted, on my own time.

I enjoyed the time I spent away from Hong Kong Island and absolutely adored being on the Star Ferry []. I took it 2-3 times each day. It’s the best 8 minutes as you cross the harbor & feel the breeze and just let your thoughts drift. By far my favourite activity in HKG…other than eating, of course. The MTR [] is another aspect that I really, really enjoyed…this is possibly the best transit system that I’ve ever been on. So easy to move around the city and incredibly efficient…one regret was not using my Octopus card enough. But this is such a walkable city that I ended up spending most of my time meandering about. And I cannot believe I missed taking a double-decker bus…something that I really loved as a child. Next time.

Train from Guangzhou to HKG. I was told that I could photograph the train, but I could not photograph any of the attendants. Interestingly enough, all the attendants stepped inside the train when I took this image.

This reminds me perfectly of how I feel about HKG …hectic, crowded, but incredibly vibrant!

Looking back at Central & Wan Chai as the Star Ferry crosses Victoria Harbour

Flower Market Road. LOVE it here!!! This was just a beautiful area to walk through with fresh flowers & plants. I would be so very pleased if we had something similar in Vancouver. Reminded me a little of Pike Place Market in Seattle with the fresh bouquets at reasonable prices. So colourful and pretty!!!

Somewhere in Mong Kok

Nothing says “I love you,” more than a 24kt gold pig necklace. Really. If someone ever gave this to me, I think my first reaction would be WTF?! Then I’d melt it down and sell the gold…hey I’m kinda practical!

Along Nathan Road []…

Temple Street Night Market []. You can seriously buy ANYTHING here!

I don’t have a photo of this b/c I was laughing too hard…grannies selling sex toys. Really…do you want to buy your sex toys from a granny at a night market? OK…don’t answer that question…that would be way too much info!

The infamous Chungking Mansions [] on Nathan Road. My Dad was a lot happier when I told him I was staying in the Central area and not at the Chungking Mansions;P

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Michael Sakowicz 9 years, 4 months ago

Thirteen rock big time. I'm liking this whole series very much - but more on that on the last of your posts'.

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Claire 9 years, 4 months ago

beautiful set !

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