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My only reason for going to Macau [] was for food…specifically Portuguese custard tarts. I have loved these forever and like shrimp dumplings, I spend a good portion of time hunting down the best places. The best ones I’ve ever had were hot out of the oven in Belem, Portugal. Macau is primarily known for its gambling, but the food is also outstanding. I was here for the food.

I love Macau…if you can get past all the casinos and make your way through the back alleys, you will be transported back to a much simpler time. Sure it was still crowded, but it was more manageable than HKG and time slowed for me here. I didn’t make it to the café that had supposedly outstanding custard tarts, but I was still incredibly satisfied with the food I did eat. More than anything, I enjoyed the time I took to wander down small streets and to find vendors for fruits, veggies, medicine and even an outdoor barbershop. And then to find an entire section of outstanding graffiti……so cool!

The ferry from HKG to Macau was super air conditioned…my fingers had turned blue. And then it was so humid outside. So this photo was taken right after I got off the ferry and my camera was still adjusting to the temperature change.

Ruins of St Paul's []

I really have no idea how I managed to stuff so much food in myself…after a really filling, delicious lunch, I decided I would go sample ALL the food on the block. This included almond cookies, egg rolls with a seaweed wrap, egg rolls with a sugar/sesame seed filling, sweet dried meats, custard tarts…multiple times. And I’m not talking about teeny tiny little samples like they give you in North America…they give you the whole darn cookie, egg roll and a good chunk of dried meat.

I’m surprised I didn’t explode and even more surprised that my clothes still fit at the end of this trip. I came back to this place a number of times b/c the egg rolls and cookies were so good…I think I may have been on a first name basis after so many samplings. I didn’t buy anything b/c I know that none of this would have made it home with me. Knowing me, I would have polished off all of the goodies on the ferry back to HKG!

Wong Chi Kei. This is a super duper lovely little restaurant with outstanding food. I ended up sitting with 2 ladies that were really interested in my travels and wondered how I ended up at this restaurant. Honestly, there’s a little Chinese belief that if a place looks like it’s packed to the gills with locals, then the food is probably pretty darn good and fresh. This was certainly the case here and these two ladies ended up giving me tips on where to eat in HKG. So cute;)

I didn’t know this at the time, but this is Rua de Felicidade (Street of Happiness), which was the red-light district once upon a time. I just love the red shutters here and ended up wandering through here b/c I wanted to get off the main street.

I love this little make-shift barbershop. One of the best things that I spotted on this trip!

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Michael Sakowicz 6 years, 10 months ago

Twenty-two looks like something out of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film [i.e. 'Amelie']. Splendid.

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Claire 6 years, 10 months ago

very nice set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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