Dance! Dance! Dance!

by Amoeba March. 15, 2011 3114 views

Only a few short weeks ago, Julia & I were at the Granville Island Winterruption Festival watching the awesome pop-up dances. If you've missed it this year, mark your calendars for next year to see some of the most innovative dance in unexpected places.

Hopefully there won't be a blizzard happening next year. 'kay…compared to what happened on the east coast, this was NOT a blizzard, but for this little corner of the world, it sure felt like it.

Fabulous photographing day…except my fingers had turned a rather unhealthy shade of blue. Thankfully home & dinner/drinks at one of my all-time fav restaurants was a 15 min jaunt away from Granville Island! :o)

Malavika Santhosh

This was the perfect moment that reminds me of why I love photography so intensely & why it's always best to be prepared.

This little boy was scampering along in the snow and stopped to look at the dancers before a performance. His Dad was telling him to hurry up b/c they had somewhere to go. But he just lingered around & stared, waiting for the show to begin. I managed to take a few frames before he scurried along after his Dad.

This was my fav image of the day:)


Project Soul

Shan E Punjab Arts Club

These guys were just awesome! The level of enthusiasm & fun that they brought to the performance was just incredible. I hope to see more of their performances soon!

After the performance, the first thing Julia asked me is if I noticed the shoes.


Didn't know that regular Nikes & Adidas are now the shoes of choice for dancers. Just for the record…my current dance shoes are Campers ballet flats…so much cuter than your regular runners;o)


The ladies are actually suspended from a beam underneath the Granville Bridge. If you've never seen one of their performances, you are truly missing out. I've seen this group a good number of times over the years & it just keeps getting better. Their performances are truly magical & to have seen this as it was snowing was just something else. I'm glad I waited for this one!

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I can still do 'the Robot...'

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Great post.

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it s a fantastic set !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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