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I just added another member to my Freitag bag family & super pleased, so this is the sole reason for this post. I’ve been coveting these since 2003 when a post-doc I was working with in Hamburg, Germany introduced me to the brand. It took a few years before I would own one and my little collection continues to grow.

There are so many reasons that I love these bags…the durability & strength; the craftsmanship; the colours, the graphics; the fact that the tarps have had an extensive life on the freeways of Europe prior to being recycled into bags; they’re virtually rainproof in my soggy city; the random stories on the website; the confirmation emails…these are but a few of the reasons! These give me a great chuckle each time I read them…

“Your order arrived with a thunderous drum roll and a cascade of brilliant fireworks.

Our industrious Online Store buddies will set off sometime this century to descend into the ancient catacombs in search of your personal piece of FREITAG history. After their return, we will celebrate with an intimate, two-hour-long packing ritual before sending your package forth from the hallowed halls of re-contextualization to your own home.”

“We did it! Your F-Product was packed, labelled correctly and has just left our warehouse, crossed the street, turned the corner, tripped over the bridge and is now on its way to your house. Get ready to give a big, warm welcome to your personal piece of FREITAG history in a very short time.

In order to make sure your latest family member adjusts to its new surroundings as quickly as possible, we recommend that you get some fresh air twice daily, cycle and take lots of walks, engage in artistic activities, listen to loud or extremely loud music, invite friends over and indulge in an all-out urbane, eco-friendly, diverse, spontaneous and creative lifestyle.”

So enjoy my little blurbs on each of my bags…I didn’t name these (I only name my cameras)…each one holds fantastic memories for me. The latest one will likely begin life on the road at the end of the year when I go on a teeny getaway. Go visit the website for more info, random stories and gorgeous designs if this kinda stuff tickles you like it does me;0) [LINK []]

There's currently a story on a super cute goose…

Dexter – My first bag that my friend rescued from the rubbish bin. Seriously. Her friend just finished school & was going to chuck it, but my friend saved it for me. This is the workhorse of my bag family…it went to school with me in Toronto as my laptop & school bag; works as a camera bag on shoots by holding 2 cameras, 3 lenses, a water bottle and the required snackeroos so that I don’t get hungry & cranky; also holds my swimming, yoga or travel gear as required. Absolutely indispensable since 2006.

Donna – my pretty, unassuming & favourite everyday bag. I’ve had it with me nearly every single day since I bought it in 2006. It has been on nearly all of my travels since…from London, to Berlin, to Valencia, to Nanjing, to LA & many other cities. I’ve been asked on several occasions by strangers whether I would consider selling it. NO…not now… not ever!

Renegade – When this bag was produced, the tagline was that it’s a “3-in-1 solution for all runaways.” I cannot think of a more apt description of my life. This is my transformer bag that everyone gets an absolute kick out of. It can be converted into 3 bags…making it the best & coolest travel bag. I’ve also learned how to pack minimally with this bag, as it’s carry-on size, but can hold all the necessities for long journeys. The best part so far was when I was able to bring back a vintage 1930’s medicine cabinet from Berlin, along with all my gifts & travel gear. As it’s no longer produced, this bag is priceless. Part of the family since 2007.

Brandon – the finest wallet EVER. Holds all the necessities & made me eliminate all the useless stuff that I used to carry around. Beloved since 2008.

Greenhouse – the newbie of the family & oh so gorgeous! Part of the refined Reference line using a single coloured tarp, this is one purty bag in the loveliest shade of pale grey. Holds both my laptop & DSLR/lens combo with room to spare. I love how you can register your bag in case you lose it & someone is kind enough to return it…an amazingly lovely touch!

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