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I must come back to Izmir. I was only here for a day as I was transiting from Selcuk to istanbul.

I especially loved the seaside promenade, as there were plenty of restaurants & lots of people watching. I also had such a tasty meal of eggplant/meat kebab at this wonderful little restaurant. Service was lovely & this was just a fantastic meal.

Then I wandered over to the bazaar & I had so much more fun here than the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. This one is smaller & much livelier & prices were better too.

I just had an awesome day here & would like to come back & explore a bit more!

Turkish brekkie…so delicious! Throw olives into any meal & I will be incredibly happy. Plus this had all my fave foods with tea to wash everything down. And the sesame bread…I miss this so much & I ate it often in Turkey.

I had a really nice morning, as a met a lovely gentleman from New Zealand in the morning. I wish we had more time to chat, but we were both headed off in our own directions. Short version of story, he was in Turkey to fulfill the dream that he & his late wife had 50 years ago to travel in Turkey. His wife had died a few years previously & at 80 years old, he decided that it was now or never to do this. Incredibly warm & friendly individual & it's wonderful to see such spirit at any age. I hope that I will still have enough spark in me to travel the world when I reach that age!!!

First look at the sprawl of Izmir

Yum…sesame bread!!! Cost about 50 cents (Canadian) & kept me full & happy for long periods. I'm not kidding when I say I ate this often!

Promenade in Alsancak quartre

You're SOL if you are hoping to learn any language other than English…or so it seems from this building…

Bazaar area…more tasty treats!

This was the area of the bazaar that had fresh fish, fruit & veggies & the best area in my opinion. You could just watch & listen to the exchange of locals & merchants & it was just so fun and lively. Well worth the time spent here listening to & watching life happen;0)

Oookie…in the event anyone is looking for a unique wedding dress…perhaps in chocolate brown or with a bow bigger than the size of your head, go to Turkey. These are quite something…

Last stroll in the evening along the promenade before heading back to the hotel to snooze…

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Bryan 9 years ago

I'm enjoying all of your travel photos, such interesting places and people, is this for your job or for vacation?

9 years ago Edited
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