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by Amoeba April. 07, 2012 4889 views

Istanbul…I have dreamed of coming here for years & I have completely fallen for this city. It's always been on the list & I've been side-tracked for so long. So I decided that it was time to spend a week here, with the dread that this would not be enough time. And it wasn't even close to being enough time. I've only scratched the surface of this vibrant, chaotic & immensely interesting city.

I miss hearing the muezzin's call to prayer each day. I miss the warmth & charm of the locals, especially the ones that don't speak a word of English & were so pleased when I exchanged a few words of Turkish with them.

Of all my days there, this was the busiest & probably not my favourite day. I just happened to see a lot in one day without really planning it. On subsequent days, I limited myself to one tourist site a day & otherwise just meandered rather aimlessly, as I'm prone to do.

So a quick boo at the tourist trail that many follow in their travels to Istanbul. And I highly, highly recommend this video by Straw Hats called Istanbul & Its Many Faces that was shot with the Nikon D4. I saw this a month or so before I left for Turkey & love it!!! -> [LINK []]

Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque)

Very lovely in here!

MMMmmmmmmmm…ROAST CORN!!!

Grand Bazaar…I liked the one in Izmir way better. Prices here were steep & I didn't really enjoy my time in here.

This was the coolest thing I saw in the bazaar…it's like Aladdin's cave with so many knick knacks!!!

Suleymaniye Camii

This is supposed to be one of the most gorgeous buildings by the architect Sinan & it is truly stunning! Touristy…absolutely, but still worth the time. The view of the city is amazing!

View of the Beyoğlu district & Galata Köprüsü (Galata Bridge)

This was very entertaining…these guys were shooting a golf commercial on the rooftop across the alleyway from the Suleymaniye Camii. Everyone on my side was mesmerized by this!


Galata Köprüsü

Hafiz Mustafa - more on this place later. I came here 4 times & by the time I left Istanbul, it felt like I was minor celebrity here. All the waiters were on a first name basis with me by this time & I was given a lot of extra samples of sweets!

Apple tea…delicious!!!

No wonder that this is one of the most photographed building in Istanbul…it's really gorgeous at night. So I ended up right where I started my day, at the Sultanahmet Camii. I hadn't planned this, my feet just somehow brought me here;0)

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