Bosphorus Ferry

by Amoeba April. 08, 2012 6179 views

Best way to get away from the crowds for most of the day…hop on a ferry. Also especially nice for me b/c I got away from all the yelling as I walked by any store/restaurant. Crikey.

Lovely to spend time on the water & I went on a perfect day, as the next two days were freezing cold & soggy. And saw pods of dolphins on a few occasions. There was so much enthusiasm, I thought the ferry would tip over as everyone would dash to a side to try and glimpse this. Hilarious.


Start everyday with a good brekkie…I normally have a few rounds before I'm ready to head out the door. Especially if there are great people to chat with. But this morning was a smidge rushed, as I had to head out to the terminal early to get a seat on the ferry. Everyone said to get there early b/c it filled up fast. No kidding, an hour before sailing, the ferry was packed to capacity. So if you go…go early!

Boğaziçi Köprüsü (Bosphorus Bridge)

Taking pictures of people taking pictures…oooohhhh…look at the big boat!

Kanlıca dock

I must come back to this little town…just looked lovely!

Holy tasty…best yogurt I've ever had in my life. Seriously. I ate another one on the way back b/c it was so delicious!!!

Rumeli Kavağı

This sign cracks me up…it makes the walk up to the castle look so epic & it really wasn't (but it is steep though). I also love how the “Short Way” wound through 3 restaurants and a good number of merchandise stalls.

Yoros Castle

Back from exploring the castle on the hill & in the little fishing village of Anadolu Kavağı. You have a 3 hour stop-over here when you take the ferry, which is lovely b/c it's enough time to go up to the castle & also have lunch before your board the ferry again. You can take a bus back into Istanbul, but I opted for the ferry both ways. So I could see the Asian side on one trip & the European side on the return.

MMMmmm…grilled sea bass for lunch. Very tasty!

Nicest man…I chatted with him as I waited for the ferry & promised that I would have lunch here next time. I bought some deep fried mussels & he gave me extra calamari to try. Very tasty!!!


Back on dry land…

Too bad the next few days were so soggy b/c one of the reasons I was in Istanbul at this time was for the tulip festival. Not everything had bloomed yet, but a part of the Gülhane Parkı was awash in blooms & it was gorgeous. Next time…

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Bryan 8 years, 12 months ago

So jealous of all your wonderful travels...I forgot to mention I enjoy your food shots too, everything looks good! Very cool angle on the bridge looks massive in your photo:)

8 years, 12 months ago Edited