Topkapi Palace & Hafiz Mustafa

by Amoeba April. 09, 2012 6574 views

Ridiculously soggy & cold day. So EVERYONE flocked to the Topkapi Palace. And I seriously mean everyone!!!

And the Treasury was just a blessing…normally I have an immense aversion to crowds. But b/c it was so cold outside, I huddled inside for a bit - just like everyone else so that my fingers & toes could thaw. BRRRRrrrrrr!!! Also got to see the Topkapi Dagger [] & Spoonmaker's Diamond []. No photography allowed of course - which means that anyone that wants to see it up close will have to go there.

The Harem was absolutely stunning & I'm glad I saved that for last. Also got a lucky break b/c the line-up wasn't long at that point.

Then it was off to Hasif Mustafa & I am so smitten with this sweet shop. I think I amused all the waiters too b/c I was there so often;0) Twice in 1 day!

Bijou…the hostel dog & such a sweetheart. Unfortunately I was allergic to her. And plus, she stopped loving me once I ran out of apples & cheese. So off she went to mooch off someone else. Fickle animal.

Ooopsies…looks like the letters were sliding off with the rain…

This is a must see - even if you give the rest of the palace a miss. Truly splendid here! But then again it's kinda sad b/c women were locked in here & guarded for pretty much their entire lives. Legend has it that one sultan drowned his entire harem on a whim. Scary stuff.

Hall of the Ablution Fountain

The Courtyard of the Eunuchs

Courtyard of the Concubines

The Courtyard of the Favourites

Hafiz Mustafa []…oooohhh…look at all the sweets!

This was especially delicious. Chocolate pudding with custard filled pastry puffs hidden inside!!! (It looks blue b/c of the overhead light) I should have eaten 3 of these!!!

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