My Project: So it begins...

by Valentina February. 04, 2017 1043 views
Someone secretly took a picture of me holding a sparkler on new years eve some years ago. In the picture I enjoy the sparkler like a little kid. It's a capture of a happy and careless moment.


My first post of this hopefully long term project is about motivation. 

My motivation to be specific. I am still a student, worked part-time and was active in my university. All that barely fit in my week, but i managed to handle social life and all that for 2 years. What i neglected where my hobbies, passions and my interest to try something new and stick to it!    It's HARD!!

What finally did the trick, was me going away. Leaving everything behind for a semester abroad in a foreign country with no commitment beside university. I always wanted to try and take pictures, but it never was more than strange group pictures, non-flattering Selfies and a sunrise/sunset with my smartphone camera. So I took the upcoming adventure as an opportunity to "Step into the game" with my new little Olympus Pen 7! 

This Blog  hopefully will be around a little longer and document my learning in the field of photography, but also my journey in general. I am not specifically talented with writing nor interested in getting something special out of this, but I would love some feedback, honest opinions and conversation on how to improve my "work" (not really work, more like the outcome of my passion)! 

Sending out Love


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Ram Ya 4 years, 8 months ago

Hello Valentina, Welcome to PhotoBlog!
I can't wait to see what stories you will tell in this creative space. I invite you to spend as much time learning as you do behind the camera. Personally, that has done wonders for my photography. is a wonderful place to start. The blog is run by @tiffany2 please let her know if you would like her to cover a certain subject.

Best of Luck

4 years, 8 months ago Edited