South Germany: First Impression of Munich

by Valentina February. 23, 2017 1555 views
One of the heart pieces of Munich-

-Heart of Munich-

Since I just came back from South Korea I had no own home waiting for me. With no home I don't mean homeless in the sense of I had to live under a bridge (!), but homeless like "no apartment/ room with my stuff waiting for me to come back to it". I stored all my belongings away, half with my Mother and other half with my Dad, so basically spread across the country.

Maybe it sounds unsettling for some, the idea of no fluent comeback into an old life. But I moved so much already in my life (I'm not that old though) that the concept of home mainly just means family to me, home to me is wherever they are! Sounds cheesy, but it's true! So now that I am almost through with University, I thought why not Munich for a change? 

                                            -And it was a good decision! 

Munich is a beautiful city with interesting places and a lot to offer! It's my 3rd week now and I only saw very little of it! I work full time now, so the exploration has to happen on the weekends and I am slowly adapting to transportation etc. I keep exploring so you'll see more of Bavaria's capital soon!

Sending out Love

-Town Hall Cellar-

University of Munich

-Where the withe Roses grew-

Old staircase in the university

-The student-

Statue in the old market place with a leave crown, holding a rose

-Pagan Blessing-

Building with "tunnel" for cars


Street art in Munich

-Urban Doodles-

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