South Germany: Small Town Beauty

by Valentina March. 10, 2017 955 views
Town in Bavaria with traditional post

- Traditions -

I did it again! 

I went exploring over the weekend. This time I went to a small town, not one of the well-known cities in Germany. 

Local.Authentic.Unheard of.

I really enjoyed the emptiness I found and how undisturbed I was while taking my pictures. In Dresden and Munich I always had to wait for people to pass by, hurry up or just handle their weird looks when I choose a different angle for a picture. 

Towns like the one I went to are full of history and have an original German charm, I know that many will argue that there is no such thing. Believe me there is and its beautiful! Honestly I am getting more excited with each place I go to and now I almost always take my camera. All people I talked about this with were really positive about this little project of mine. I am really happy I made it through my first month of work + having a photo blog! 

Sending out Love 

An old house with interesting structure

- Old structure -

View from in between the fence

- Old school Craft -

View of the old residence

- Residence -

- Curve -

Fountain in front of building

- Frontal Symmetry -

Statue on the fountain

- The wave -

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Barbra 4 years, 7 months ago

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I visit Germany few times a year. Mostly I love this southern area, especially around Boden See. May I ask what is the name of the town ? Just curious :) Sending positive vibes from Koenigstein i/ Taunus, where currently I am!

4 years, 7 months ago Edited