Sète & Montpellier

by Valentina May. 05, 2017 2579 views

- Seagull's flight -

They call Sète the Venice of France, do I agree? Well, as an half Italian I have to say no, but it is definitely a nice harbor city! It has the small town tranquility mixed with the typical charm of people who lived by the ocean their whole life. 

No rush, instead people who enjoyed the morning coffee in the small Café right around the corner of their home with the bartender they know and knows them. That kind of tranquility, knowing what it's gonna be. 

Some times I envy that feeling and well that type of life. Knowing who you gonna meet, knowing them, they know you ... nice for a change. But I know that I would love that type of life exactly 2 seconds, then I would be ready again for new things, people and experiences.

Well, I guess you can't change some things ;)

Sending out Love,


- Nature vs. Mankind -

- Reinterpretation -

- Through Leafs -

- Little red sign of Love -

- Faith -

- All seeing Eyes -

- Sketches on Wood -

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