Yellow Storm

by Amy Sho September. 24, 2020 203 views

It past over a year since my last post, and I think I was totally not ready for what the new year brings to us. I did not expect so many sorrows, tragedies of nonsense, and stupidity on the part of the human race.

I am disappointed with the attitude of people who know about their own existence in society, about their diversity, culture, feelings, and identities. Is there really so much to understand that each of us is different, and it is unimaginable ignorance to declare war on one another. Only joining forces to fight for what is really important makes sense.

Each of us has a different God. Each of us believes in something different, different powers, Deities, forces of nature or a flat earth, and a flying spaghetti monster. Each of us, of course, also loves differently. The war over who you can share the same bed with? Who can hold the hand of a road person in the street so as not to be aggressive?

Who on this planet is responsible enough, the Almighty enough or insolent enough .. to dictate who to love?
Or which skin color is above all? Which dictates our conditions, who is to be the slave, and who is his master?

This stupid nonsense doesn't have a right to exist.
The pandemic we met only showed our weaknesses and how much we balanced on the edge of common sense. We are on the verge of the disintegration of entire societies we are afraid of depriving us of the possibility of working for our own maintenance our health depends on ourselves and on others.. who may kindly start taking care of our planet, starting with themselves first.

If we don't do something very quickly, there will be no one to go to Mars.
I have no right to judge anyone, and no one should judge me, but as far as I can see we lack people who are worthy of a chance to survive.
As long as we are blind and selfish.

I could give him all the Comfort on this planet so that he would only survive and show it to my children. teach them How to properly care for her so that what has happened so far will never be repeated.

This summer my heart broke, and now it is slowly renewing, but it won't be the same pieces, not made of the same material.

Yellow sky in The day of announcing the presidential elections in Poland 2020

Yellow sky in The day of announcing the presidential elections in Poland 2020

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