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by Amy Sho September. 27, 2020 177 views

I feel positively surprised. Yesterday I posted a copied post about 'how depression can kill' someone who hardly talks to anyone and no one will even notice it because they simply don't care. I can see it from my example.

Almost 5 years ago I left my city, my country and walked away from my friends, to live with my man whom I love. The first visit back after 3 months looked like a waterfall of longings, declaration of visits, fun, and drinking until the fall. Phones, reports, video calls, chats. - again - Phones, reports, video calls, chats.

My complicated G friend persuades me to come back because she is bored without me and she misses a lot. Understandable because I also missed each of these people in my own way. Except that neither of them has come to visit so far. But I also want to live I want to have my adventure I want to have my moment and arrange my future.

The group tightened and I was isolated as an unwanted absent element of reality that no longer exists...


There was a very long silence and then nothing.

People close to me, who called themselves friends in my old dictionary are not friends anymore. Who has been day after day for even good 9 years, are no longer the ones with whom I had the best time of my youth time. Feels like my own fault, but is not.

I saw the second bottom and I think it taught me to carefully choose new people that I would like to have around me, time flies and at this point, it is very difficult to forge new strong alliances. Hundreds of friends on Facebook are not the same as a friend visiting for a coffee.

Coming back to the topic .. many people feel the same, and what lifted my spirits, I can talk about things with people I don't know so well, almost at all, and for some reason, I have them on my profile.

And I am glad that there are intelligent people who will be happy to help with stupid conversation just to cheer you up, without even knowing you.

It restores my faith in humanity and that maybe not all is lost yet. I wish everyone with a bad day, month, year, or life .. to find someone they don't even know, and somehow it will change their life. Because sometimes it's not worth counting on "friends" as much as I wanted. Fall 2020 has started, there may be more sadness and despair, so stay tuned. Write to your friends who have not been online for a long time, do not post, and are not online so often. You can change a lot in someone's life if you want, and you can feel the changes in yourself.

Be the person who starts the smile. :)

Kiss's ;*

" Lemone - cakes

" Lemone - cakes

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