Swallow Trapped

by Amy Sho February. 15, 2021 173 views
Line Swallow

Line Swallow

Approximate Swallow

Approximate Swallow

Swallow - the Sister of Storm. ( Color edit . )

Swallow - the Sister of Storm. ( Color edit . )

I have a fantastic song that inspired me to this wonder.

The work was done a few years earlier, but the text itself is older and many doodles accompanied me while listening to it.

Jaskółka uwięziona - Cover.

The video is part of a larger project about Polish Legends in cooperation with Allegro.

Jaskółka uwięziona-Marcin Maliszewski
I found this performance first, and I liked it very much. Sometimes I hear a false note, but the voice is nice in timbre and I like its high-pitched voice. I wish he would record a radio track.

Jaskółka - Stan Borys - Original
Original artist song.

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