Universe Duck

by Amy Sho February. 15, 2021 117 views

Sometimes I feel so much energy within myself that I have to discharge it. In the morning I feel tired, just like that at the outset.

` A cloud that originally looked like a Duck. Photoshop Boost xD

` A cloud that originally looked like a Duck. Photoshop Boost xD

I start playing my playlist and dress up thinking what to wear today because I don't go anywhere but I want to feel good. I put some fancy make-up on my face, comfortable clothes and try to get something out of myself. If I am lucky enough, my coffee is on the way to my home office, made by My Beloved Monster, then also the day becomes more bearable.

RUSSKAJA - Energia

I caught that Duck Cloud a few days ago with the Daisies. Sometimes I play Cloud Hunter like this and see shapes that normal people may not see or want to see. Then he feels that even a boring horizon can be an interesting scenery with many stories.

M and I took a coffee and our roommate's dog, we went out in the fresh air to throw a Frisby. Our companion wasn't very mobile, but he looked majestic sitting on the grass, turned towards the sun and the wind in his fur coat. I still think it was one of his looser moments in being outside. xD

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