♥ 1 month ♥

by Anabela Loire June. 20, 2008 1288 views

Thank you for your patience, for your love, your trust, your honesty, the neverending laughs.
Thank you for listening and understanding and always trying to be better for me, for us.
Thank you being who you are. ♥

~~~~mwahaha~~~~~~you are mine now!~~~~I have proof!~~~

Koden: will
Koden: you
Koden: marry
Koden: me
Koden: now
Anabela: meet you in vegas?


I adore you King Kitty!

Best gift ~EVER~ -shows her kitty ring with proud- (my baby made it for me ^^)

Rusty Kitty! He will protect our home. Careful, he seems cute but is dangerous! :P

New toys at home :D

I'm the skinny one (been on diet) :P and my baby is the… oh well… something with green eyes :P

More costumes. I'm the bear and Koden is the green alien(?)

I'm the prettiest monkey ever!

I forced him to dance with me (sorry baby, promised I wouldn't post this but I LIED! lmao). The meanie puked! I'm pretty! I'm prettyyyyyyyyyyyy!

And we had a… uhm… sexy (NOT) undies party. LMAO.

The Butt Comparison :P
I won, of course.

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