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My room full of stuff.

My room full of stuff.

Every year Rethink Church does a photo a day challenge for the season of Lent. I have tried many time to get up with challenge and fail part way through. Maybe this year will be different.

I want this year to be different, I need to stick to a task and keep up with it. So here goes to another year.

Day 1: Full

Full can mean lots of things. But I have found in my life, when my room is full of junk, dirty clothes, and random objects my brain is also full. I can not seem to focus my thoughts if the space around me is cluttered and unorganized.

Right now I am also in a time of my life that my brain is just full of what is to come. While I have a good job and am more than thankful to be living at home, I am full of dreams and plans for the future. What else could/should I be doing with my life? What are your living plans in the next 5-10 years? Are you doing everything you can for those around you? Are you using your gifts in their fullest extent?

But taking some time to clean up the full room around me allows my brain to think through some of the confusion. I can start to focus on what is more important and not on a situation that I can control will little to no effort.

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