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Quilt pattern with fabric

Quilt pattern with fabric

Day 3: Given

I had a couple of idea throughout the day for the given prompt. But I have settled on these instructions that were given to me so that I could completed the next part of a mystery quilt I am working on. Every month we get a different clue and in the end we will have a completed quilt.

In life we are often given instructions we do not want to follow. We want to go a different direction to prove that we know more than the person who made a decision before us. We want to make the world our own and not follow what anyone else is doing.

Yesterday at church we heard a message about making a decision before we arrive in a situation so we do not have to rely on our emotions in the moment to make a decisions. It was not until a few hours after that the message really sunk in. We have all been given the tools to make the right decisions and move forward with our life.

Much like the mystery quilt, we might not know what is going to happen right now, but in the end, we are going to have a finished project. We just need to take what has been given to us and move forward.

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