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I went to Slovenia!

And now it's your turn to say: "OH WOW, but you're sick... how is it possible?"
And now it's my turn to reply: Slovenia is ten minutes by car from my house! So it's not really a big deal, but it's another Country, so it's an official international trip!

Things to know about Slovenia
1. There are some "big" cities (For tourists), and teeny-tiny villages (4 houses = a village)( I mean it! Four houses. )

2. It's a super green Country. They have rivers, creeks, lakes, and the green is REALLY Hypergreen!

3. As there are few humans, and a lot of nature, there are stupidillions of wild animals. Bears (Never seen one), boars, foxes, deers, hawks... whatever... and you can meet them day and night! Rent a car, follow the rules (Slovenians are not forgiving if you break traffic laws), drive slowly, because animals are averywhere, and anjoy the trip.

4. Villages are small, and many citizens are small farmers = Sheeps, goats, horses and COWS everywhere! And you know I LOVE cows.

My friend had a great time stopping the car, roll down the window, and let me talk to cows. She was surprised they all came closer and listen to me.
She was thinking I'm weird. Cows stared at me as I was weird... the only one thinking it was all loving, and normal, it was me! NO REGRETS! :)

"Oh Andi, great news... do you have any pictures of all of this???"
Nope. It was pouring rain, and we were on a mission! Next time!

And the mission was: making me happy with new orchids!
When you are sick, or you had a surgery or a painful procedure, you deserve some gifts, right? Yeah, me too!

So, here we are!


I keep saying: "I won't buy another one!", and, of course, I keep buying them.
But this time I have a great excuse. It costed me 3 euros.
Flowers were fading, and so it was on the "Bargain shelf".
This is something in Trieste does NOT exist. Florists, garden shops and supermarket have NOT a "Bargain self". A SHAME!
So... What should I do??? Leave it there??? For 3 bucks? You tell me!

It's not really a yellow-ish orchid, but a green-ish one.
I fell in love instantly! And... did I tell you it costed 3 bucks? :)

2. MILTONIOPSIS "Surprise"

No, "Surprise" it's not the registered name... but there are only buds and I have no idea about the color of the flowers, so it will be a surprise! :)

Well, it will be a surprise IF I didn't f... up something while repotting it...
Please notice MILTONIA and MILTONIOPSIS are 2 different orchids.
Miltonias are beginners friendly.
Miltoniopsis are a pain in the... (They are a... I'm cold, hot, thursdy, wet, it's humid, dry, sunny, cloudy... MOOOOOMMM? kind of orchid)
This plant was under the name of Miltonia, but I can spot the differene, and this looks absolutely a Miltoniopsis to me.
Good, because Miltoniopsis are fragrant. Terrible friends, but smell good.


Let's get ready for a yellow waterfall! :)

Best bulbs ever!


No tag on the plant. I'm 98% sure it's a Toscana, though.

Brassia are also called "Spider Orchids"

OH COME ON, ANDI!!! What's wrong with you? Seriously? SPIDERS? Again??? :)

Some white spots on the Oncidium were mealybugs. I got rid of them! (MOSTERS)

Now, it MUST stop raining, so I can finish my shelf, and hang it on the wall, because I've 28 orchids, and no room for them! :)

Then I will have 28 orchids, and enough room to buy some more! :))))))))))


I had a fantastic caramel ice-cream.
I met a lot of cows.
Panorama was A M A Z I N G !
It was freezing cold (There was a time, at the lake, I wore GLOVES).
It's raining, and it's windy and it looks like Winter outside. We had a great January... and a horrible May! I mean, there are 5 to 7°C at night. (41-44°F. Insane, right?). It should be Summer. Almost.

My right leg is... well... quite tired. Yesterday I was out 10 hours straight (Most of them in a car, but sitting on my groins anyway)
Today I had to go out in the morning, and stand up to repot 7 orchids (4 + 3 "let's fix some small problems here)
Tomorrow: BED, BED, BED!

Left leg is fine!


How cute! He's rubbing his face on the orchid... he loves it...
NOPE. He was challenging me to keep on taking pictures, ignoring his lunch time!
For the record, he was 15 miutes earlier! But he's a cat, and his name is Psycho.
There's only one acceptable timetable: his belly's!

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I resume: you went to Slovenia to fill up lots and lots of buckets with fresh air to feed all of them at once to the orchids afterwards. So, this is actully THE big secret behind your incredible success in curing orchids! joy
I bet (hope!) the trip cured you too!

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Andi Saw Replied to Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue 2 months ago

Nope! smile 
A bump showed up on my leg. 
But everything is fine. doc said the trip was too much. So I told him "Hey, you told me I could do EVEYTHING!" and he replied: "I had no idea you could go on a trip on a supercold day, spending hours in a car, pressing your groins, then walk in a huge mall, then sit in a car again for TEN hours!"
I wanted to go to Trento at the end of the month, to see an orchid show, and doc said: "Sure! In 2020!"
Anyway, nothing serious! 
You should visit Slovenia! You're THERE! almost HERE! smile  And Felix would love cows!

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Pete Fitzgetald 2 months ago

what a fantastic set of photos and I love the story! very cool.

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Pete Fitzgetald 2 months ago

Thank you my dear! blue heart

2 months ago Edited
Piotr Matura 2 months ago

Great post Andi! Beautiful flowers and cool story.
It seems that you are feeling better and better, that is good to hear smile
When you wrote that you have 10 minutes from your home to Slovenia I thought "Is Andi living in Trieste?". I kept reading and then you confirmed it grinning 
Trieste is such a beatiful city, I visited a few times while on vacation in Umag, Croatia. It is really close from here, just 30 minutes ride or so. In fact, I enjoyed the city so much that I returned for a few days just for evening walk and maybe coffee ;) And Castle Miramare is spectacular ;)

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Piotr Matura 2 months ago

I'm glad you like Trieste, and I'm happy someone knows where it is, and visited it! blue heart  
Maybe, this Summer, if you want to take a coffee, you can call me and we can meet. 
Now it's a little hard, as I'm still walking like Robocop smile 
I'm getting better, and better, even if that trip was TOO much for me. I have a mysterious bump on my leg, but the doc says it's nothing. 
I told him: "Hey, you told me to do EVERYTHING!"
And he replied: "I had no idea you were SO DUMB to take an international 10 hours trip 10 days after surgery, lady! Stay in bed a couple of days, and don't do crazy stuff!" smile 

So I'm here, getting bored! smile

2 months ago Edited
Piotr Matura Replied to Andi Saw 2 months ago

I don't know if I will be in this area this Summer/Autumn, Andi smile I'm from Poland and I was in Umag in Croatia two times in last couple of years and I was riding from there to Trieste. It is a bit too far from Poland for a casual coffee-trip to Trieste grinning  But thank you for invitation and I will surely remember when I will be near next time smile 
Get better and listen to you doctor, for example do only a 5 hour trip next time ;)

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Piotr Matura 2 months ago

5 days trip is too much. I wanted to visit an orchid show in 10 days in Trento... Doc said: "Sure! In 2020 you can go! NOT NOW!"
I agree. hours of train + walk... not the smartest idea! 

Please, let me correct you... 
Poland-Trieste is not a casual trip if you're NOT millionaire! 
If you are, jump on a jet, and come visit! 
I wish you to be millionaire! blue heart

2 months ago Edited
Piotr Matura Replied to Andi Saw 1 month, 4 weeks ago

I regret, but I am not smile I tried to make a joke but I think I blew it... What I meant is that it is definitely too far from Poland for a casual trip ;)

1 month, 4 weeks ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Piotr Matura 1 month, 4 weeks ago

You're not NOW... 
But you could be tomorrow. smile 
Never give up Piotr

1 month, 4 weeks ago Edited
Bethany Plonski 2 months ago

Your orchids look splendiferous! smile And you are the only person I know for whom "recovery" means repotting orchids, making sweaters and purses, talking to cows, traveling internationally, and tending to a hungry kitty (that cracked me up). You are something else, my dear! I believe you have earned that ice cream and a whole lot more. Hugs! Now go get some rest. grinning

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Bethany Plonski 2 months ago

Thank you sweetheart! 
Let's not forget I have tools and saws and I woodwork! (Something that scares all the men I know! smile 
BTW, you should talk to cows too! They are so curious and funny! At least, they are not venomous like the snakes you use to meet on your trips! smile

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Camellia 2 months ago

Excellent post! Missed your humor and stories. I am quite impressed you have found another use for hair doubt bought from Tiger?
Great looking Orchids, and I mean great looking!
And you know what I am jealous the most not the orchids because unlike you I still have a semi black thumb, but I am jealous of the fact that you can get into a car and less than an hour or so later be in another country and enjoy all the  things that go along with a "different" county.  An hour or so drive from here gets me into St. Louis and guess what?? They speak the same language, they have the same restaurants, they have the same types of building and everything pretty much costs the same :( Nice post. Glad you are out an about and life is getting closer to normal. ✔✨

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Camellia 2 months ago

Not this time. 
Hair clips were included, and already on the plants. I don't like them. I always replace plastic with ribbons. They are gentle, soft, and cuter. 

Slovenia is a mistery for many Italians. 20 minutes and the green is greener, the farms are old fashion, cows are... Well, we have no cows here! 
It's because there are few people in the inside of the Country. They live mainly on the coast. 
It's like... let me see if I can explain the concept...
Ok... It's like driving from Springfield to an Amish village. But with no Amish people, and with WIFI. (All the comforts, in a lonely house in the woods. 

New houses are exacly like any house we have here. People have 2 arms and 2 legs, but it's like a time travel to the past. 
And, of course, city people are always fascinating about country and how peaceful everything is there. I'm not sure I would live there...if you forget to buy milk, you need to take the car and do a 20 minutes ride... 
But it's amazing. 
PS. It's Spring. Maybe in Winter is not so WOW. It's a postulate. Every fried food is good (Even broccoli) and everything looks nicer in Spring!

2 months ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Andi Saw 2 months ago

Perfect analogy, helped me make the connection. I would probably not live there long term as well but the fact that things change drastically is what is appealing, and not just Slovenia. The fact that one can get on an airplane or a train or even a car and within two hours or so be  totally somewhere else, another county, that is what I miss the most over here. But you know "the grass is always greener on the other side" smile

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Camellia 2 months ago

Always greener... In Slovenia the grass is greenest! smile

2 months ago Edited
Russell Smith 2 months ago

Psycho and my daughters cat S#^Tbird have the same time table. The Orchids are beautiful .

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Russell Smith 2 months ago

Thank you my dear blue heart 
Give a kiss to S#^Tbird and CIAO to your daughter. 
(And to your wife too)

2 months ago Edited
Björn Roose 2 months ago

Damn, if I wasn't so terribly antisocial I would pay you a visit this summer. When returning from Croatia I'll cross the border between Slovenia and Austria a few kilometers from the border with Italy. Good thing for you that I really AM antisocial ... smile

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Björn Roose 2 months ago

Maybe your adorable girlfriend is social. Bring her here, then go home. We will have a lot of fun together. I'll send her home as soon ASAP smile

2 months ago Edited
Andi Saw Replied to Andi Saw 2 months ago

You can come visit whenever you want.
I'm sorry I cannot host you, because I have no beds, not even a sofa, as I have no living room. 
If you have a tent, you can camp in my garden, and use the bathroom, the kitchen and everything! smile

2 months ago Edited