Sand Dunes aka Happy Place

by Andrea Petersen February. 26, 2017 811 views

I don't get to go here much anymore, but it is a place that was a huge part of my family's life for ten years or so and somewhere everyone should experience and add to their bucket list, if its not already there so I figured it was worth writing and sharing about. 

Glamis, Sand Dunes in California was my favorite vacation and became my home away from home for countless years. I grew up riding quads or ATV's whichever you know them as and riding in my dad's sand rail or dune buggy. "Riding season" is typically Halloween Weekend-Spring Break, otherwise it is just unbearably hot for you and for your toys. My family would go for holidays whether it be a three day weekend or Thanksgiving, day after Christmas, New Years Eve, Spring Break, and the list goes on including short weekends when we just did not want to be at home. We would pack up the motor home, load the trailer, and head to the dunes.

It was a place of tranquility and a place to just get away from the "real world" and enjoy yourself,  and your friends and family that were there with you. The reason I say everyone should experience it and add it to their bucket list is because when people have never been to the dunes you try to explain to them that there is nothing there besides sand for HUNDREDS OF MILES and that you're camping, usually with bad cell service but they just don't quite fully understand that you legit mean there is no gas station, no McDonalds, no nothing. Okay, so there is tiny little convenient store that has your basics and a couple little white tents set up where people will grill you food, etc but that's it. I just think it is a really great place, maybe that's because I don't mind being covered in sand and finding sand in my hair, clothes, shoes, etc. a week later still. Or that I love camping and getting away from the city sometimes but I really think the sand dunes are such a fun and different place that everyone should add them to their bucket list and visit them at least once, even if you can't camp or stay all weekend. There are countless sand dunes throughout the US and the world so you don't have to go to Glamis specifically, but I highly recommend it. 

ps. there is an ice cream truck that drives around playing "It's A Small World" at 7am and a bugs bunny popsicle makes for a great early breakfast!!

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