Hare Piece no.1

by Andrew Wakefield March. 07, 2017 1120 views


I am sure that you can't see me

It's April 2016 and I have set myself another challenge - to photograph hares. I live on the outskirts of northeast London so my local patch in which to find them to photograph was always going to be somewhere in the fields of southwest Essex and limited to within half an hour or less of home so my little project could be shoehorned into all of life's other activities (does that sound familiar?). 

There is a lot of open arable farmland on the Essex side of the M25, and I have trod plenty of paths and tracks round there that go along the edges of fields and along the bottom of shallow valleys so I figured that this location would give me my best chance of finding some hares. Last November I was walking along one of these paths and out in one of the rather bare fields I managed to see a single hare in a form, looking remarkably like a clod of earth, so I nearly missed it. It was a windy, cold day, but bright, and I suppose because of these conditions and the fact that he thought that he was invisible in his shallow depression in the ground, he didn't budge and allowed me to get pretty close for long enough to get down in the mud and fire off a few low shots. 

It was all over in a minute or two because I felt exposed to human view and a bit uncomfortable about venturing into the farmers field. So, keen to avoid a bumfull of buckshot, I made a quick exit. Here are my first ever hare shots. I wonder when my next encounter will be?

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Zajä…C 3 years, 8 months ago

great catch..

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