Brussels 1

by Anelim October. 18, 2006 2978 views

(damn, if I'm lucky enough, half of the ones listed will appear as pictures)
1. N 97
2. lamp wondering which way to go
3. the same lamp…did you know lamps lived in a four-dimensional world
4. red equations
5. Moscow 1976, oops, Brussels 2006
6. will not bear comparison with analogous British specimen
7. gerard 42
8. lettres
9. Jean-Paul lost his left shoe again during the morning walk
10. white dangerously approaching
11. corners
12. helloween
13. houses
14. let Bulgaria join!
15. this looks Italian, but no idea why
16. European Commission headquarters 1
17.European Commission headquarters 2
18. Autumn leaves are the same everywhere (or not?)
19. two cans of coke spilt on the road
20. celestial highways

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