by Antonio Gil May. 13, 2012 3900 views

Atlas, remorse.
by Caleb Pendleton

some things
aren’t meant to be known
by man

but when a man
picks one of those
or rather,
when they are dropped upon him,
usually in the most arbitrary of
he must then carry it
with him
for the rest of his

he will bear this weight,
and for some,
it will be too much,
breaking their backs
as well as their wills,
and leaving them to writhe on the floor
until death comes

but for others,
those like me,
we bear the weight
without strain,
looking only downward
at the road ahead

and our backs will not break
despite their cries for that fate,
and our wills will not crumble
despite the failure of the inner
columns to remain upright
and sturdy

those men,
with the weight
of a secret world
on their shoulders,
will march through their lives
looking no different than the man
not burdened with the

Flying Column - The Song Of Dawn []

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Angelika 5 years ago

I don't know exactly why but whenever you post anything related to architecture, it attracts me a lot (especially columns). I found the last photo so serene and simply beautiful by its composition and the theme that I decided it to stay with me forever in my favourites.

5 years ago Edited
Christa 5 years ago

Gosto deste post, da primeira à última foto. Colunas sempre me impressionam. De onde são estas? Lindas fotos! E palavras!

5 years ago Edited
Jay 5 years ago

Beautiful shots there. Where is it? I'm really intrigued with perspective shots. Can look at them all day long.

5 years ago Edited
Teramoon 5 years ago

A lapidary message. holding the images as an Atlas. The last hold my favorites, the perspective is wonderful that you took.

5 years ago Edited
Josy 5 years ago

Exraordinaire ensemble (mots et photos), surtout la dernière !

5 years ago Edited
Jacki 5 years ago

What a terrific place... very nice set!

5 years ago Edited
David Cardona 5 years ago

Great perspective and selection! Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago Edited
Felecia 5 years ago

Beautiful photos and beautiful post....
"and our wills will not crumble
despite the failure of the inner
columns to remain upright
and sturdy" . . . AMEN!

5 years ago Edited
Paolo Martini 5 years ago

very good perspectives...Like them all !

5 years ago Edited

Wow! Those are beautiful :) So much history in this
Great angles Antonio

5 years ago Edited
Nynke 5 years ago

Superb architecture!! Beautiful and impressive..

5 years ago Edited
Olga Helys 5 years ago

Wonderful perspectives
Great architectures
So beautiful especially the #3 and the last one

5 years ago Edited
Birthe 5 years ago

So majestetic!
Well done on photographing this!

5 years ago Edited
Nicephore34 5 years ago

Superbes perspectives .La derniere en particulier est grandiose! Beau travail.

5 years ago Edited
Larry Sample 5 years ago

Great set!

5 years ago Edited
Chossid 5 years ago

I really like the perspective in 2!

5 years ago Edited