Old Pipes

by Antonio Gil February. 06, 2013 4988 views

A Sleepless Night

Old pipes creak and groan
almost as though a visitor is beyond the door
the lights of a passing car appear
against the blinds upon the window
holding almost for a second too long
tired the mind strays beyond all reason
into flights of fancy and mild fear
such thoughts linger, leave and return
warmth envelopes the body
making sweat run, damping hopes of sleep
beyond the duvet a cold chill waits
a duel between the two beckons
while the heart pounds against the chest
counting the unseen seconds
the mind alert making nonsense
footsteps, a cough, the wind
all noises play against reason
what lurks beyond the window
what awaits in the darkness of the street
what prevents this sleep
a thought created in tiredness
echoes late into the night

Matthew Holloway

DEAR OLD PIPES [newgrounds.com]

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Christa 8 years ago

Além de as fotos serem muito boas, especialmente a última, fico intrigada com a utilidade destes tubos no meio da cidade.
Grande acabamento.

8 years ago Edited
Olga Helys 8 years ago

Great find
Graphisms, colors, details
Thanks for sharing

8 years ago Edited
Nynke 8 years ago

Out of curiousity,,, what is in those pipes? Looks pretty amazing. Haha, pink pipes (you edited this colour, right?) could really brighten up a city ;)) I love the composition in #2

8 years ago Edited
Chossid 8 years ago

Are these for centralized heating? Ours are so ugly -- they paint one color and whenever they run out, they start another; whatever is available -- and always ugly! Our gas pipes as well. At least yours are nicely painted!

8 years ago Edited
G B 8 years ago

they're everywhere! ;))

8 years ago Edited
Patricia Gonzales 8 years ago

Super awesome sight!!!!

8 years ago Edited
Josy 8 years ago

Yes as said Helen an amazing sight...I like very much the first one !

8 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 8 years ago

What an amazing sight - what do they carry?

8 years ago Edited

Beautiful pink pipes!! I love them and will save nr 1 :))

8 years ago Edited
Larry Sample 8 years ago

Oh my goodness. What an eyesore. What do these pipes accomplish? Nicely shot however!

8 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 8 years ago

great set, i like the first one the most...what 's the use of these pipes?

8 years ago Edited
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