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Take A Bow!
by Ernestine Northover

When you're feeling way above ‘par’,
And your golf ball is travelling far,
With a ‘birdie’ to give you a start,
Golfing is an art.

When an ‘eagle’ soars high in the sky,
As within a deep ‘bunker’ you try,
To extricate neatly your ball,
Golfing is the call.

When your ‘club’ just doesn't impel
Your first ‘shot’ to go very well,
You can't always ‘iron’ out the fault,
Golfing is difficult.

Now the ‘swing’ that keeps the ball rolling,
Will need some careful controlling, .
But then down the ‘fairway’ it flies,
Golfing is exercise.

When you ‘angle’ your ball at the ‘flag’,
And you suddenly encounter a snag,
Once the ball goes straight in the ‘hole’,
Golfing is your goal.

If you're ‘putting’ well, out on the green,
And your ‘stroke’ is one worth being seen,
Then go on my friend, take a bow,
Golfing is a WOW!

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Evalizette Hansson Nordstrã¶M 7 years, 12 months ago

Nooo dont like golf!! hahahaha

7 years, 12 months ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 8 years ago


8 years ago Edited
Hardy Kwan 8 years ago

Cool ~

8 years ago Edited
G B 8 years ago

LOL! how adorable!!

8 years ago Edited
Nanci A Mattos Nanci 8 years ago

Que gordinho engraçadinho e fofinho! :-)

8 years ago Edited
Josy 8 years ago

ce monsieur très bedonnant est un superbe emblème pour le golf :)))

8 years ago Edited
Christa 8 years ago


8 years ago Edited
Jacki 8 years ago

Ha ha... funny little guy!

8 years ago Edited
Paolo Martini 8 years ago

;o) Great Antonio !

8 years ago Edited
Larry Sample 8 years ago

Love the game. Too bad it does not show me any in return.

8 years ago Edited