NAMIBIA SNAPSHOTS - (Birds on Dune 45)

by Antonio Gil September. 02, 2013 4797 views

Pied Crow: It is approximately the size of the European Carrion Crow or a little larger (46–50 cm in length) but has a proportionately larger bill, slightly longer tail and wings, and longer legs. As its name suggests, its glossy black head and neck are interrupted by a large area of white feathering from the shoulders down to the lower breast. The tail, bill and wings are black too. The eyes are dark brown. The white plumage of immature birds is often mixed with black. All of its food is obtained from the ground such as insects and other small invertebrates, small reptiles, small mammals, young birds and eggs, grain, peanuts,carrion and any scraps of human food and fruit. It has been recorded killing and eating roosting Fruit Bats and is frequently seen (sometimes in huge numbers) scavenging around slaughterhouses.

Unknown - too fast to identify

Breakfast time

African pied crow


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Francesc 6 years ago

First one excellent

6 years ago Edited
Roxanne 6 years ago

what an awesome experience. thank you for sharing. i've really enjoyed this journey.

6 years ago Edited
Christa 6 years ago

Parece surreal que numa paisagem tão agreste se encontram pássaros tão bonitos. Com o calore que faz de dia e o frio de noite, não sei como sobrevivem. Vivem em buracos? Ou voam até perto do mar?

6 years ago Edited
Sreekumar Marar 6 years ago

Birds always look great through camera lens... great work bro!

6 years ago Edited
Teo Montana 6 years ago

Beautiful bird and Awesome captures!!

6 years ago Edited

I love that crow! How cool isn't that? It looks liek a mix between black crow and magpies :)
Great shots!

6 years ago Edited
Paul 6 years ago

just in time with No.1 and the crow looks superb against the blue sky and with the gnarled dead tree..

6 years ago Edited
Glo B 6 years ago

stunning motion you've caught in the first photo and nice dof in your photos of the Pied Crow ;)

6 years ago Edited
Kenny H 6 years ago

Nice work! I like the dried out limbs in the shot too.

6 years ago Edited
Sadhya Rippon 6 years ago

Oh, you went on a group tour. I made the mistake of going with a friend. We had an almighty row, and split up and the rest of the trip was wonderfully harmonious. Just me and the desert.
My photographs of the trip are pre digital, but I may just look the prints out and post one or two. I loved the sculptural dead trees in the desert.
And the wild life of course.

6 years ago Edited
Stormfish 6 years ago

cool birds, especially those on #2... is that a hatted sparrow there in the foreground, next to the long haired vulture? ;-)

6 years ago Edited
Olga Helys 6 years ago

So wonderful
Nice bird portraits
Great report

6 years ago Edited
Josy 6 years ago

"Big Daddy" est fascinante, magique... J'adore votre dernière.

6 years ago Edited
Stefan Fletcher 6 years ago

As ever, fascinating.

6 years ago Edited
John Parsons 6 years ago

Great birdie shots...

6 years ago Edited