by Antonio Gil August. 29, 2015 2489 views

Life In Motion
a poem by Randy Berthelette

People will come,
and, people will go.
Blossoms in Spring,
In Winter 'twill snow.

The in and out
of every breath,
The twilight of birth
and mourning of death.

This orbital life,
on a linear course,
sometimes spins at dizzying speeds.
The joy is the mystery,
with each revolution,
of not knowing where
the next turn leads.

When I entered into my hotel room I found out this cake and some roses waiting for me, and also a birthday card. I realized that they found out it was my birthday through my passport, and they were kindly enough to surprise me this way.

♫♫ “Truly dizzying Delhi”♫♫ [youtube.com]

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Zajä…C 4 years ago

I wish you only the nice, small and big surprises!

4 years ago Edited
Kara Bana 4 years ago

Happy Birthday to you! :-D
That's a fabulous birthday surprise!

4 years ago Edited
George C 4 years ago

Belated Happy Birthday!

4 years ago Edited
Sadhya Rippon 4 years ago

I really like the movement shots. They give a great impression of the crazy traffic (but without the noise and smells).Did you eat all of the cake? I know that this trip was made some time ago, and I think I sent birthday greetings on the appropriate day, but there's wishing many happy returns, and perhaps to India too!

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Mike Meliska 4 years ago

Happy Birthday!

4 years ago Edited
Kasia Urynowicz 4 years ago

Amazing :P

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Bartosz Sienkowski 4 years ago

#3 into my fav. Great!

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Tomie Poodle 4 years ago

Happy Birthday!
J'ai fait beaucoup de photos du bus mais les tiennes sont plus originales avec cet effet !

4 years ago Edited
Evalizette Hansson 4 years ago

and happy you got cake :)!

4 years ago Edited
Evalizette Hansson 4 years ago

Now thats India!! Full speed and lots of action! Love those shots my friend
Second one to favourites :)

4 years ago Edited
Gillian Parsons 4 years ago

WOW good to sit down and enjoy your treat after those dizzy pics.

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Jay Boggess 4 years ago

Feliz aniversário, Antonio!
What a nice surprise for you, at the end of this frenetic day!

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Marilyn Grimble 4 years ago


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Stefan Fletcher 4 years ago

Oh, and belated happy returns for your birthday. What does it feel like to be 25? ;-)

4 years ago Edited
Stefan Fletcher 4 years ago

I like the dizzy images and the birthday cake was a nice touch.

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Gonia 4 years ago

Great! You must be very suprised. What about cake -tasty?

4 years ago Edited
Larry Sample 4 years ago

Happy Birthday! #3 my fav

4 years ago Edited
Kenny H 4 years ago

Lot's of action!

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Dan Ravasio 4 years ago

What a wonderful gesture the chocolate was, Antonio! Happy belated birthday.... Oh that poem matched with the shots was perfect.

4 years ago Edited
John Parsons 4 years ago

What a lovely calm treat after all that dizziness! Great pics Antonio.

4 years ago Edited
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