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Al Fahidi Fort was built in several phases. The oldest tower was built around 1787 and is believed to be the oldest building in Dubai that still exists today. The fort was used to guard the landward approaches to the town from the raids of neighbouring tribes. It has also served, at various times throughout history as the ruler's palace, a garrison, and a prison.
Al Fahidi Fort is square-shaped with towers occupying three of its corners. It was built of coral rock and mortar in several phases. Just off the southern wall lie the remains of the city walls. Next to them stands a tall dhow (traditional boat) in the middle of a large courtyard that covers the underground galleries. Two cannons guard the main gate to the fort on the eastern wall, adorned by flags of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

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Jay Boggess 4 years ago

What an exotic series! Bravo!

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Sadhya Rippon 4 years ago

I'm enjoying the new desert background! (is it from Namibia or the Gulf?)

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Ros Mercury 4 years ago

No.3 and 4 are super, very interesting and great to see children still appreciating history.

4 years ago Edited
Glo B 4 years ago

very interesting that it was built with coral rock and mortar! I like the third shot with the children...:)

4 years ago Edited
Evalizette Hansson 4 years ago

Love your travel letters Antonio :) So many wonderful pictures!

Thank you for taking me there:)!

4 years ago Edited
Marilyn Grimble 4 years ago

Thanks for the info - and the children again, look so colourful.

4 years ago Edited
Gillian Parsons 4 years ago

Great captures and as usual all the information required.

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Mike Meliska 4 years ago

Great stuff.

4 years ago Edited
Dan Ravasio 4 years ago

Intrigued by the coral rock construction medium. Thanks for the history lesson Antonio..

4 years ago Edited
Olga Helys 4 years ago

Great captures

4 years ago Edited
Giancarlo Fosci 4 years ago

nice set!!!

4 years ago Edited
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