The Morris clan takes Japan (Part 1 - Greater Tokyo)

by Andrew Morris January. 14, 2008 1915 views

Tokyo is obviously a pretty crazy place. It's especially so when you only have a 48 hour period to try to fit everything into. I'd say all in all we did a pretty good job. Granted we stayed awake for most of those 48 hours since we woke up at 4:30 the first day to hit up the fish market and then went to a hip hop club until 5:00AM the next night. Whee!

This is what we affectionately dubbed, "shutter art". Closed stores never looked so great.

A scene from Ueno Park.

This is the room I made my Mother sleep in for two nights. I'm a bad son, that's all there is to it. Thank goodness she's a champ.

Mom and Taylor Giddy with jet lag on the wild streets of Asakusa.

Chomping on a fresh senbei (rice cracker).

Sensou-ji at night.

A rather nice looking Pagoda in Asakusa on the grounds of Sensou-ji.

Not sure what this guy's deal is, but those are some of the creepiest eyes I've ever seen on a statue.

Somehow she just isn't as intimidating as the guardian spirit behind her. Good effort though.

A lovely steak meal to welcome them off the plane.

This tree is over 300 years old, and also one of the coolest I've ever seen. This photo doesn't do nearly enough justice to how large and intricate it is.

Okay, so this is the first picture I've been in, and you'll notice something missing around the lower face region. Yes, after a year and a half, the beard has been put into retirement. Not sure how long for, but please, a moment of silence…

Chatting with our guide for the day, Masako.

Some rather interesting Tokyo Architecture. I'm pretty sure it's a bank.

A view from above of South Eastern Tokyo. Those curved buildings in the center are Tsukiji Fish Market which will be seen more in depth soon.

Taylor and Mom downing a much needed beer after a long day of exploring Tokyo.

If you've never taken the time to hang out with South Africans, I suggest you do so. They can be a bit dangerous at times, but it's well worth the risk.

This adorable specimen was charming us all night long. Sometimes it's just unfair how cute little Japanese children can be.

I will now draw your attention to the bilboard above Taylor's head. In case you can't quite make it out, Nikka is a Japanese whiskey brand of the not expensive variety. Taylor is showing us the effects (suspiciously accurate too I might add) of imbibing Nikka in mass quantities.

That weird Modern art looking thing over Mom's head is actually the headquarters of Asahi Brewing in Japan. It's a drop of beer. Get it?

How great is it seeing musicians passed out on the sidewalk with their instruments at 1:00 PM? Pretty darn great.

In retrospect I feel bad to have passed up on such a good deal, but such is life.

This dude was blasting U2's "One" and singing along at the top of his voice. Not for money or anything like that. Just cause. It was weird.

Standing below a Torii gate in the Meiji shrine area of Yoyogi park near Harajuku.

That's a big darn Torii.

Purifying ourselves. And after the time we had the night before, let me tell you, we needed it.

Oh beard, how do I miss thee, let me count the ways.

Mom really liked this door decoration.

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