A few of my favorite things.

by Anna Magdalene December. 31, 2016 648 views

My hair is arranged in the shapes of many hearts while you can see my eyes, looking at the camera. I am laying on a colorful blanket. It is a happy picture.

Fill your life with things you love... or you will definitely hate it.

        So, my last two posts have been a bit... well just lacking of love! And guess what, I am a super loving person so I thought I should just share a bit of the love. Let me share with you a story.

        Once upon a time there was a young teenage girl, probably about 14 or 15, named Angelina, who loved to socialize with anyone and everyone. She would literally talk to ANYONE and EVERYONE that was willing. One day, after a long day of chittering and chattering about silliness with her best friend, Thalia, they made a group decision to go to the towns jousting tournament, for it was never about the jousting, but always about the people buzzing about that you could meet there! Off they went to the event, and of course, as soon as they arrived they ran into many acquaintances and started up great conversation. Soon enough, Angelina caught sight of a few of her other good friends, Aspin and Colette, so she immediately ended the conversation to rush over to her gal pals, who just happened to be sitting by a rather handsome lad by the name of Joel. The two locked eyes, smiled, and the rest is history... I guess you could even say they lived happily every after. 

        What a cute story huh! Well guess what, you are probably like, um Anna what the heck it's just a cheesy love story... lol. YEAH OKAY... well that's how I met my awesome boyfriend that I literally LOVE. TO. BITS. okay? So, it's cheesy... it's mine and I love it. Yeah by the way we didn't meet at a jousting tournament... we met at a high school football game Freshman year. The rest is pretty much the same :) 

        Sooo REALLY. ANYWAY. WOW. CAN I BLAB. YES. THE ANSWER IS YES. This post... LOvE! Well, when I think of love honestly the first things I think of are my boyfriend Jay, Blue Bell coffee ice cream, makeup, my family... because I would feel bad if I didn't say them, my dog Jojo, and my very good friend Anne Marie. Honestly, I think the coffee ice cream is in the list because I am currently quite hormonal and craving the HECK out of Blue Bell coffee ice cream {you should try it 10/10 recommend} but other than that, all of those things, unless otherwise stated are things that I love with my whole entire heart and make me genuinely happy to be living on this earth today. We will get to the rocky stuff about my family in a bit... stay tuned or just skip to the 4th paragraph down from this one lol

        So if I haven't said enough already about my boyfriend, I am about to devote a whole paragraph about my love for him so go get some popcorn or something idk. Y'ALL. THIS BOY. He is patient as funk. He is so nice to me... all the time... it is unreal... don't get me wrong, it's not like a fake nice, he is just so genuinely loving and caring and OH MYYY GOOOOOOOOOO― he just will not be mean to me. Like i think once I said to him "That was mean." and he basically has never stopped saying sorry for that. Okay I am kidding, but like y'all he is amazing, he is my other, half, ugh all that jazz... this is going to take to long... I need to do this another day. Sounds like a plan, Stan! (You are Stan)

        So um, I really am just obsessed with ice cream in all forms tbh...  like really, honestly... I AM. For example: When I figured out my freshman year in high school that my school's cafeteria had a freezer with a variety of ice cream in it, I, being the total ice cream fanatic that I was, would get not one but TWO ice creams every. single. day. And I can distinctly remember one day that they RAN OUT of ice cream (because I had eaten it all) and I was  c o m p l e t e l y  distraught from the withdrawal. 

         Makeup. I love doing my makeup. I love looking at makeup. I love looking at other people doing their makeup. Makeup is sort of low key my life. 'Nough said.

        Familyyyyy........xisiwcrvnnxeiwyrvcbniwux um. Well. Here we go. So I have an interesting relationship with my family... lets start with my parents. First, my mother, she is a wears-makeup-twice-a-year, 100% cotton wardrobe, Birkenstock wearing, modest is hottest, head covering at church kinda mom... We clash. Now, before you are like, I BET SHES NOT THAT BAD. She is not. She loves me. She has not shunned me yet. She buys me food. And she tries to be nice sometimes. I am very very thankful for everything she does for me... but she also never ever tries to listen to what makes me happy... she lives the "mother knows best" saying out a little bit too literally... I mean, humans are wrong sometimes... they just are. Now, my father, he is a gigantic ball of stress who is trapped in an untreated ADHD 49 year old mans body contained in a fast moving household that never sleeps... literally, we all have insomnia hah... so yeah, he is just not very fun to be around most of the time :( but! when he is calm, very rarely, he is a funny laid back guy actually! So next, my oldest sister is a CARBON COPY of my mother. It's scary. They look alike, they dress alike... they actually share a wardrobe... they ugh it's disturbing. But as you could imagine, it doesn't help having two versions of my opposite-of-me mom around. My other older sister, she has autism, so she is pretty chill... that is MOST of the time. She's not chill when she is screaming and crying like a banshee in a hotel that we are trying to have a relaxing vacation in while she is rubbing poop all over the walls... not to mention the thing that set off this tantrum was the fact that she was asked to change into her favorite rubber duckie pajamas... I will never completely understand. This is my family. My totally dysfunctional, hard to love, family. I do love them. I do want them all just as they are, even though sometimes I wish my home life was much different. But then, don't we all? 

        Jojo, also fully known as Joli Noir, is my super hella adorable pup. She is a Morkie and she is the joy of my life. Who knew a little fluff ball with a tail could bring a human such extreme happiness.  

        The phrase "best friend" makes me quite nervous... for every person I have ever called my best friend has been ripped out of my life in a horrible way, each way special to each person. But Anne Marie, my go-to gal, favorite female friend, prime pal, ok yeah i think you get it... she is my best friend but I hate saying shes my best friend because every person I have ever loved called my best friend is not my best friend anymore so I don't want to give her the label and then her leave... as pitiful as that is? Anne Marie makes me very happy. She makes me laugh a lot. I feel like I can share things with her without her judging me, like actually. Like I don't ever regret sharing anything with her, and I love that. I absolutely do. 

        I hope, if anyone is still reading this, that you have a list of things you love in life just like I do right now... because honestly, I have not always been at a time in my life where I could list to you more than 1 or even 0 things that I truly loved in life. If you ever have been, are currently, or are approaching a time like that in your life, a time of such low self-respect and love for the earth and just life its self, I truly hope that you are doing a million times better now, you will be inspired and motivated to lift yourself out of the seemingly impossible state of crippling depression and extreme anguish soon, do not lose hope, and for those of you falling into that pit of despair, please please PLEASE open your eyes, find a spec of light, catch onto the smallest branch, and do. not. fall. that. low. It is the most unbearable feeling in the world to hit absolute rock bottom. If you cannot help it, you have not failed, I just ask one thing of you: Stay alive, my friend. <3

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