Dark chocolate.

by Anna Magdalene December. 31, 2016 712 views

Three candies lined up on a bed sheet

The sweetest people can have unexpectedly dark minds.

Me again, back to share more about... ME. Don't worry, this won't be boring. Okay, so you may have noticed the title of this blog "Unicorns and Rainbows." Why in the world is that the title of this blog? You ask. I AM HERE TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW!! So, I have suffered from suicidal depression, horrible anxiety, and somewhat of an eating issue that I have yet to seek help for, for a very long time now, and I have learned and changed a whole lot from it. I am not exactly "on the road to recovery" or anything like that, like some people say... but I am surely better than I once was. In my darkest days of depression, I had this best friend, her name... I don't feel very comfortable revealing so I shall just refer to her as "T." Well, T was my very VERY best friend... we lived two blocks from each other, we practically lived at each others house, her family was my family, we loved each other SO much... we had an inseparable bond... But nothing that me and my depressed self couldn't break. So anyway, when we were all good and we were still besties for the resties, she would tell me on my darkest nights to simply think of something happy... anything happy and dream about it. Oddly enough, the first things that ALWAYS came to mind were unicorns and rainbows... so I would sit there, sobbing silently in my bed whispering to myself, "Close your eyes, and dream of unicorns and rainbows. Close your eyes, and dream of unicorns and rainbows." Over and over and over again. When I was trying to think of a blog name, this memory flooded into my mind. It was quite inspiring actually. Over and out, Yours Truly, Anna Magdalene.

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