Fruit thief.

by Anna Magdalene January. 01, 2017 825 views

A bright breakfast of yellow grits, poached eggs, and a red tomato... on a nicely set table

This is the story of those two miniature jams in the background of this photo

            So, a couple of months ago, my mother and I were lucky enough to go with our local college's gymnastics team to their championship meet, which was being held in Little Rock Arkansas. Upon our arrival, I threw up, we went to the wrong hotel, and then we got lost... BUT when we were finally settled in the right hotel, we walked to an Italian restaurant just down the block that turned out to be quite magnificent. After we were very satisfied from the carbaceous feast, we walked slowly back to our room -- for our tummys were full and we were admiring down town Little Rock. The following morning we rose with no urgency, for we had nothing specific to do until later that day. Together, we set out, not knowing where on earth we were going to eat for breakfast. At first, being shy tourists, we googled where the nearest Starbucks was... it was too far to walk, so we had to branch out. We ended up going to this SUPER fancy hotels brunch restaurant thingy-ma-jig... don't even know... so we walked up to the door and immediately it swings open and this red velvet adorned male who is the opener of this door says, "Good morning, Madam. Good morning, Miss." in a very welcoming voice. Me and my mother exchange glances accompanied by subtle eyebrow raises, and walk into the door. The waitress immediately seated us at a white table cloth, silverware-already-there table with beautiful adornments. We order, and our food comes out promptly. As the waitress is setting our dishes in the table, she sets my mothers biscuit, as well as a platter with squares of butter and adorable little glass jars of jam. My mother, knowing that I am obsessed with anything that comes in a "mini" size, immediately shoots me a look saying "DO NOT GRAB THOSE JAMS AND PUT THEM IN YOUR PURSE, I REPEAT-" ignoring the look completely, I pick up the little jams right when the waitress turns her back, and put them in my purse. I will always be a rebellious child at heart... only for miniature jams though, not for large things :)

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